Rohit Bhisey


Scientists have developed fake fingerprints, and claim those can hack into regular gadgets, soon. The scientists from Michigan State University and New York University have named those as “DeepMasterPrints.” It is essentially machine-learning technique that go about as a sort of “master key”. This technology, the scientists claim, can open one out of every three fingerprint secured cellphones. They revealed their findings in a paper published in October. In it,

Amazon Go, Changing Perspective of Future Shopping

The future of shopping has already arrived at our doorstep with the advent of New Year’s Eve. Amazon, the multinational technological company is soon to introduce the mall that has it all. Starting from holograms to greet us at the entrance, there are robots roaming about in aisles for helping customers. Besides, this Amazon shop has a separate window for tapping to buy things while the shop remains close. Robots

Sleeping - Best Meditation of All stands Responsible for a Happier Day

It is said that a good laugh and long sleep are the two best remedies for anything. Sleeping refreshes the nervous system while it is inactive, and the postural muscles also relax during the time. During sleep, the consciousness level is practically suspended. A recent study of the Penn State comments “sleep is an essential feature of growing up especially for teenagers”. Study States Teenagers Need approximately 9 Hours of

Virtual Reality Paves Way for Better Understanding Cancer Tumor

Cancer causes cells to divide uncontrollably. Cancerous cells or malignant cells form a lump or growth, which is called a cancerous tumor. Cambridge scientists have planned to build a 3D virtual reality (VR) system, which allows viewers to observe cancerous tumors closely. It facilitates the observers to impart extensive focus on the minute details of the tumors. This innovative model also permits observers to detect the tumors from different angles.

Nokia’s Big Bet on 5G Equipment, Software Pays Off

Manufacture of 5G equipment and software has earned Nokia a strong spot in mobile telecommunications market. Its sales growth gathered steam, thereby driving up its share price by almost 30%. However, the stock of the Finnish telecommunications company is yet to replicate levels reached during dotcom boom. Nevertheless, the company is playing a key role in ushering 5G technology in the mobile telecommunications domain. And, its growth has put Finland

Genetic Analysis Simplified with ‘Blacklisting’

Scientists have discovered a new method to filter genetic variations. Researchers from Icahn School of Medicine (Mount Sinai), and the Rockerfeller University collaborated for this study. The researchers employed the popular concept of ‘blacklisting’ in genome streamlining. In computational methods, blacklisting is a kind of spam or access control, which blocks unwanted messages and files. This concept is being used as a way to filter genomes. The algorithm differentiates the

Google Back with Fourth Edition of ‘Web Rangers’ to Encourage Web Safety

A contest launched by Google in 2015 for internet safety will have a fourth edition. Called as ‘Web Rangers’, the competition highlights the importance of cyber safety in young adults.  Students in the age group of 10 to 17 years can participate. Web Rangers is a global initiative, launched In India in 2015. This year will mark the fourth edition of the event. Google believes that Web Rangers is a

Rabbit Gene Added to Pothos Ivy; Cleanses Air Naturally

Scientists from University of Washington have modified a houseplant genetically. This modified plant removes benzene and chloroform from the surrounding air. The modified plant is a common called pothos ivy. The scientists use a protein strand called 2E1. This protein is present in the human body, and helps in processing alcohol. The protein is also found in mammals, including rabbits. The scientists used a synthetic form of rabbit DNA. The


Flux the London-based fintech has raised the amount of $7.5 mn as fund for launching Series A. The company has fabricated the technology for banks and merchants for offering detailed digital receipts. The VC firm is leading in the funds and also marking the presence of investing participants such as Anthemis and PROfounders. The company was founded in 2016 that bridges the gap between the digital receipt data and general

New Machine Learning Algorithm Can Autonomously Find New Materials

There is an urgent need for use of advanced materials in this era. Materials with anti-oxidation properties, and high tolerance find use in industries. Advanced materials are providing solutions to areas like human welfare, security, and clean energy. It has thus become essential to use a particular substance for a specific application. A group of scientists at Texas A&M deployed the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in discovery of novel