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Study Reveals Flavonoid-rich Diet can ward off Cancers and Heart Diseases

According to the findings of a new study from Edith Cowan University, consumption of flavonoid-rich food items like tea and apples safeguards one against heart diseases and cancer. Flavonoid-rich diet is particularly useful for heavy drinkers and smokers. Researchers from School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University, made an analysis of data from the Diet, Cancer and Health cohort. It evaluated the diets of nearly 53,048 Danes over

Food and Beverages Industry utilizing the Goodness of Carotenoids

The trend changing the dynamics of the food and beverage industry is the growing awareness regarding health among consumers. This is prompting players to find healthier alternatives in their offering. This can be seen in the recent increase in the use of carotenoids in the food and beverage industry. Carotenoids are natural pigments primarily derived from fruits and vegetables, algae, and fungi. In the food and beverages industry, carotenoids are widely

Trend of Reinforcement of Foods Propels Phytosterols Market

Growing trend of adopting the reinforcement of foods, which are vitamins, herbal extracts, and minerals, has created environment for adoption of phytosterols. The application of phytosterols has surged across food products including milk sausages, bakery products, cold cuts, spicy sauces, spreads, yogurts, and margarine. Government approval for using phytosterols as additives has influenced the market growth substantially. Widening applications of phytosterols in skincare is driving growth of the global phytosterols

Smart Water Management Systems To Tackle Scarcity

Experts, policy makers, and layman, everyone has discussed climate change and the consequences of human inaction. Humans are largely responsible for most of the climatic change these days. In another hundred years, we will wipe out more than half of the rain forests. As a result, the future generations will have to fight for clean water and air. It is high time that humans swiftly initiate action and make earth

Are Civilians Fitter than the U.S. Army Personnel?

It is a common perception that army personnel across the world are fitter than civilians. While researchers at the University of Pennsylvania also assumed so, there were appalled to be proven wrong. Loryana L Vie, the senior project director at the Positive Psychology Center has collaborated with the U.S. Army to monitor the personnel’s health. Vie along with her team studied more than 263,000 soldiers between the age of 17

Global Fashion Group to Go Public and Raise € 300M

It is not uncommon for emerging companies in today’s start-up world to go public to raise funding. While seeking private investment through seed funding is one way, many companies prefer the route of going public as the returns are high. Made of numerous fashion brands, the Global Fashion Group, is planning to go public. The move comes in the light of attempting to reap €300M through public shareholding. Besides, in

This Rose for 2 Cents Can Purify Water

We have all admired roses for its beauty, but little did we imagine about the intricacies of its design. Scientists have developed a design to purify water that resembles a rose. What’s more interesting to know is that this flower-like purifier will only cost 2 cents per piece. The current solar steaming techniques are expensive. And thus this method can change the dynamics of water purification in the future. Donglei


A team of scientists from Penn University of Agriculture has found a missing clue to protect forests. These scientists discovered that Native American’s regular forest fires helped the forest grow better in the long run. The Native Americans regularly burned forests in order to meet their vegetation needs. Their regular burning of the forest in the eastern United States led to changed forest composition of the forest, a one more

Liver Disease

Doesn’t seem like a long walk every day? The stress, the crazy bosses, and the never-ending expectations? Scientists say we should walk a little more every day to avert tragedies like liver disease. A group of scientists studied over 1, 17,000 people to conclude that physical activity substantially decreased cirrhosis-related deaths. Physical activities including muscle-strengthening and walking can solve major medical issues of our time, like chronic liver disease. According

Have the UCLA scientists beat Tuberculosis for good?

Researchers at UCLA have discovered a new combination of drugs to cure tuberculosis. The new drug promises to bring the usual six-month medication course down to one and a half month. The team discovered the drug with the help of an artificial intelligence platform. Currently, tuberculosis is a major concern worldwide. There are over 10 million tuberculosis patients worldwide each year. Additionally, nearly 1.7 billion people are affected with the