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Are Civilians Fitter than the U.S. Army Personnel?

It is a common perception that army personnel across the world are fitter than civilians. While researchers at the University of Pennsylvania also assumed so, there were appalled to be proven wrong. Loryana L Vie, the senior project director at the Positive Psychology Center has collaborated with the U.S. Army to monitor the personnel’s health. Vie along with her team studied more than 263,000 soldiers between the age of 17

Global Fashion Group to Go Public and Raise € 300M

It is not uncommon for emerging companies in today’s start-up world to go public to raise funding. While seeking private investment through seed funding is one way, many companies prefer the route of going public as the returns are high. Made of numerous fashion brands, the Global Fashion Group, is planning to go public. The move comes in the light of attempting to reap €300M through public shareholding. Besides, in

This Rose for 2 Cents Can Purify Water

We have all admired roses for its beauty, but little did we imagine about the intricacies of its design. Scientists have developed a design to purify water that resembles a rose. What’s more interesting to know is that this flower-like purifier will only cost 2 cents per piece. The current solar steaming techniques are expensive. And thus this method can change the dynamics of water purification in the future. Donglei


A team of scientists from Penn University of Agriculture has found a missing clue to protect forests. These scientists discovered that Native American’s regular forest fires helped the forest grow better in the long run. The Native Americans regularly burned forests in order to meet their vegetation needs. Their regular burning of the forest in the eastern United States led to changed forest composition of the forest, a one more

Liver Disease

Doesn’t seem like a long walk every day? The stress, the crazy bosses, and the never-ending expectations? Scientists say we should walk a little more every day to avert tragedies like liver disease. A group of scientists studied over 1, 17,000 people to conclude that physical activity substantially decreased cirrhosis-related deaths. Physical activities including muscle-strengthening and walking can solve major medical issues of our time, like chronic liver disease. According

Have the UCLA scientists beat Tuberculosis for good?

Researchers at UCLA have discovered a new combination of drugs to cure tuberculosis. The new drug promises to bring the usual six-month medication course down to one and a half month. The team discovered the drug with the help of an artificial intelligence platform. Currently, tuberculosis is a major concern worldwide. There are over 10 million tuberculosis patients worldwide each year. Additionally, nearly 1.7 billion people are affected with the

Sun or Rain, These Solar Cells Can Battle All of It!

The Research team of New York University, Tandon School of Engineering, develops a phenomenal means creating solar cells. These organic solar cells are resistant to air, light, and water. During the research, they removed the material from the device instead of adding any material to it. This is attained by sticking an adhesive tape to the device to strip off the electron receiving molecules. Degeneration of a device happens due

Ro, an Online Pharmacy Secures 85 mn in Series B Funding

Ro made many headlines last year with its unique and popular online pharmacy model. However, none were bigger than this – it has touched $500 mn in evaluation. Additionally, it secured $85 mn in series B funding. The company runs an extremely popular men’s health brand, named Roman. It provides online prescription services for uncomfortable conversation starters such as erectile dysfunction (ED). Furthermore, Ro is also known for its famous

Scientists Make Key Discoveries in Understanding Global Warming

Global warming is a prevailing concern around the world. A New study states that increased volcanic activity caused some of the biggest natural calamities on earth. Additionally, current oceanic temperatures are leading to rise in multicellular marine species, similar to earlier events. Furthermore, the research team also discovered that ice age period lasted for over several million years. Earlier studies believed the ice age was a brief transition. However, the

Night Lights Can Be Fatal for Birds, Says a New Study

According to a new study, it is time for us to deem the night bulb for our feathery friends. Birds like thrushes, warblers, and sparrows are losing their navigational sense while travelling at nights. Researchers say that the birds with high-frequency vocalization are at increased risk. The research team observed migratory flocks losing their balance, crashing into building only to receive a fatal stroke. Furthermore, these instances occur often in