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In a new report published by the National Safety Council, chances of dying from opioids have increased like never before. In the United States, it is the first time when being killed by overdose of opioid is more than car crash. Opioids overdose bagged the fifth position for preventable death, based on 2017 the National Center for Health Statistics data. Dying in a vehicular crash is one in 103, as


A lot of talk is encircling the word autonomous as the year advances.  The concept of autonomous shopping is expanding in the retail sector. In autonomous shopping, store shoppers can experience the smell, feel, firsthand touch, and also view their desired products. Along with these, there is also a benefit of digital perk for not waiting in the checkout line. The marketeers will tag this shopping style as grab-and-go. Cohen

Electric Car

Shenzhen, known as Silicon Valley of hardware, is taking serious steps in turning its taxis electric for a green push. Already, by the end of 2017, all public buses in the Chinese city turned electric. This smart approach has made the roads in China much quieter in the last few years. Now, Shenzhen aims to transform 99% of cars, which is approximately 21,000 cabs into electric. However, shortage of charging

Amazon Go, Changing Perspective of Future Shopping

The future of shopping has already arrived at our doorstep with the advent of New Year’s Eve. Amazon, the multinational technological company is soon to introduce the mall that has it all. Starting from holograms to greet us at the entrance, there are robots roaming about in aisles for helping customers. Besides, this Amazon shop has a separate window for tapping to buy things while the shop remains close. Robots

Sleeping - Best Meditation of All stands Responsible for a Happier Day

It is said that a good laugh and long sleep are the two best remedies for anything. Sleeping refreshes the nervous system while it is inactive, and the postural muscles also relax during the time. During sleep, the consciousness level is practically suspended. A recent study of the Penn State comments “sleep is an essential feature of growing up especially for teenagers”. Study States Teenagers Need approximately 9 Hours of

Apollo 8 All Set to Send First Human Flight from Earth

On December 21, 1968, NASA’s mission control sanctioned Apollo 8 carrying the first human outside the Earth’s orbit. The destination was moon, which is nearly 234,000 miles away. After the success of Apollo 7, NASA’s director announced the bold next step. This time team Apollo is designing and demonstrating another mission called to Saturn V. It will conduct its operation in the translunar space. Frank Borman was the Apollo 8

Rabbit Gene Added to Pothos Ivy; Cleanses Air Naturally

Scientists from University of Washington have modified a houseplant genetically. This modified plant removes benzene and chloroform from the surrounding air. The modified plant is a common called pothos ivy. The scientists use a protein strand called 2E1. This protein is present in the human body, and helps in processing alcohol. The protein is also found in mammals, including rabbits. The scientists used a synthetic form of rabbit DNA. The

Consumption of Fast Food may Increase Risk of Depression

The researchers working at Manchester Metropolitan University suggested that high consumption of fast food might increase the risk of depression. The paper of researchers from Manchester Metropolitan’s Bioscience Research Centre suggests that consumption of fast food can promote the inflammation. It also increases the risks of cholesterol and saturated fats, which increase risks by 40% of depression. The researchers analyzed data from near about 11 other studies, which are investing

A New Microtube Pump for Speedy Water Transfer

Chinese researchers reported that the new microtube pump is able to transfer the water droplets over a long distance. This was published in a journal Angewandte Chemie, which states that pumps consist tube. This tube has the feature of changing its properties through irradiation. The wettability gradient in the inner wall and capillary forces work together for accelerating the water droplets with high speed. Modern molecular diagnostic and other analytical

Juno to Reach Halfway Point of Mission; Jupiter Captured in All its Glory

‘Juno’, the solar powered spacecraft from NASA will fly past Jupiter on December 21. This will gain scientists more data on the giant planet. This will be the 16th flyby of the spacecraft, and the NASA mission will be through halfway. This is considered a significant milestone in the mission. After this point, Juno will delve into more details of the planet. At present, the mission has observed Jupiter entirely-