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Digital Transformation

Did you know that over 85% of entrepreneurs believe digital transformation is key to staying ahead of competitors? Over 55% company heads believe the same. Contrary to its growing importance, only 20% of companies in Europe and North America have a full-fledged digital transformation strategy. This needs to change. Digital transformation is helping businesses improve ROI, deliver better customer experience, and reach never-before intended audience. Digital tools are becoming essential

Rising Adoption of ERP solution to Bolster Adoption of Global Digital Service Ecosystem

Increasing adoption of ERP solutions among small and large companies along with adoption of digital service ecosystem in emerging countries is fueling growth in the coming years. Increasing penetration of cloud based digital services ecosystem in key region of North America and Europe is fueling growth in the coming years. The growing adoption of digital services ecosystem, particularly by marketing management and sale and human resource management are some of

Facebook Launches an Autonomous Manager for Small Businesses

Facebook announced a launch of an automated advertisement manager for small businesses this week. The announcement is quite opportune as it comes during the National Small Business Week in the country. The new program aims at small businesses with one or two people handling the entire affair. The automated manager will engage small business owners with basic queries regarding the nature of their business. Additionally, the soft tool will also

Consumer Preference for Free Learning Solution to Propel Digital Audio Workstation Growth

Technical advancement and presence of large number of digital work station players are likely to support growth of the digital audio workstation market in the coming years. Rising adoption of DAWs for editing recording and producing audio is driving demand in the coming years. The ability of DAWs software to provide efficient and cost effective recording system are some of the trending factor driving growth. Moreover, easy accessibity of free

Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal Market to Rise at Meteoric 11.50% CAGR during 2017-2025, with Increasing Popularity of Plastic Money

Transparency Market Research (TMR) notes that the global point-of-sale (POS) terminal market is experiencing an intense competition between several players. Thus, the competitive landscape of the market is highly fragmented in nature. Moreover, numerous new vendors are also emerging in the global point-of-sale (POS) terminal market, which is further escalating the level of competition among players. Some of the prominent names of such vendors include Panasonic Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, Cisco

Increasing Trend for Cloud Based Solution and Data Protection and Security to Drive Growth

The increase in number of crime rate and rising prevalence of digital evidence to uncover criminal is likely to boost growth of the global digital forensics market in the coming years. Rising usage of multiple channel leading to sophisticated crime majorly for hacking organizations information’s that is associated to IT applications has further propelled growth in the coming years. The rising trend of cloud based solutions and IoT technology has

Increasing Dependency on Mobile Devices to Bolster Growth of Mobile Point-of-Sale

The growing emphasis of the people on smart phones apps for their daily activities and resource is one of the key driving trend supporting growth in the coming years. The growing cashless transactions have ease operation of various companies. This is one of the important stance from the growth prospective within the global market for mobile point-of-sale solutions. The growing application of internet banking application has propelled growth of cashless

Transportation of Sensitive Products in Pharmaceutical Sector to Push Growth of Connected Logistics

Driven primarily by the rising internet and other technology that has supported connectivity among the consumers and producers at huge rate. In today world, online purchasing has increased significantly when compared to store purchasing in the coming years. The rising e-commerce that offers advanced logistic which can offers smooth and effective supply of goods in the near future. Furthermore, the rising demand for connected logistic has increased significantly, as some

Companies Emphasis on Safety and Quality in Production Process to Drive Global Testing, Inspection and Certification Market

The escalating number of manufacturing vendors who is focused towards end-to-end process of inspection in operations are some of the factors propelling demand for inspection, testing and certification service, and this is one of the major factor influencing market growth in the coming years. The increasing process of inspection, testing and certification in various companies in order to provide high quality operation and production is one of the major trend