The idea of combining games with education is nothing new, as today’s generation is growing up playing many popular games. With rapid technological advancements today’s educational games are also changing their shapes. Nowadays such educational games are solely based on building children own virtual worlds. Here’s come Roblox. It is basically a platform of coding, integrated with best VR apps for learning virtual reality for children. Moreover, this platform also

Cyber Security

In a major security blow, the Australian government has suffered a cyber-attack. As speculated by the country’s prime minister, the work is the brainchild of a sophisticated state actor. According to a statement from the Prime Minister, the targets of the attack were the country’s parliamentary computer network, and the ones belonging to Labor, Liberal, and National parties. The incident is alarming for the federal elections in Australia that are


Even though we were assured of flying cars, flying boats are not a bad launch either. SeaBubbles is a boat startup that manufactures flying boats. It utilizes gas to run the machine instead of electricity. It launched one of its 5 main trial boats. This new boat comprise of aviation and nautical industry technologies and intelligent software so as to increase the body weight of the boat. It was done


Stellenbosch University’s pollination biologist has come up with a new idea of using quantum dots to individual pollen grains. These quantum dots help the scientist to track pollen grains, mostly carried by the insects. Therefore, it would also aid the scientists to determine the whole pollination process of a flower. However pollination scientists are concentrating more on transferring pollen by a pollinator. Their aim is to know – whether the

Startup ChargedUp picks up Seed Funding to Expand Services in UK

With smartphones today a necessity for everyday functioning, dying battery problems especially when outdoors remains unaddressed. To make work-related calls, to stay connected with a nanny giving care to kids at home, and also to receive alerts for an ailing family member in the hospital, smartphones help to do it all irrespective of the location. However, dying phone battery, at a time, when the smartphone needs to be free of


In case UK plans to emerge as world environmental leader, it needs to stop sweeping its plastic garbage problems under the carpet of other nations, says a report by UK think-tank named Policy Connect. It also needs to implement a strict national policy. This will decrease the amount of plastic in the oceans, and improve the investment in domestic infrastructure, and green jobs. 12 inter-party politicians support this ‘Plastic Packaging Plan’.


A big threat comes to Apple while their exclusive technology is no longer safe with them. Reuters has found that software pirates are hijacking Apple’s technology for distributing hacked versions of their popular apps. Many illicit software distributors have discovered paths in using digital certificates for stepping into Apple’s world. Such certificates mainly act as doorway to Apple introduced program, only for the corporations distributing business apps among their employees.


Robots are making waves to serve us for almost everything we do. But, it is technology that drives them, which is subject to breakdown. What could this lead to? Standstills, disruptions that could have serious repercussions on everything that is connected. Not anymore! Taking inspiration from desert ants, researchers designed the first GPS free walking robot. Called AntBot, the walking robot can explore its environment. The robot can go home


France-based freelance startup Malt has acquired US$28.6mn or €25mn funding in a recent development. The funding comes from Idinvest, ISAI, and Serena, of which Idinvest hold the highest share. With this investment, the startup is currently valued at US$36.6mn or €32mn. Malt is a marketplace for 100,000 freelancers and 15,000 companies. After today’s funding, the company is looking to expand across other European countries. Currently, there are 10,000 freelancers on


After unveiling Android Wear watch in 2014, Sony has not contribute much in the smartwatch space. However the company is gearing up for bringing smart features in one’s wrist, working on many innovative ideas. Their latest idea about launching Sony wena straps which can easily go with traditional watch. The straps come as a form of band to connect existing watch, allow people in fitness tracking and contactless payments. Sony’s