Business Analytics Market- The Need To Maintain Seamless Growth Across The Business Sector

Global Business Analytics Market: Overview The demand within the global market for business analytics has been rising due to fundamental changes in the global business landscape. The past decade has been an era of corporate advancements and business disruptions which has brought business analytics under the spotlight of attention. Moreover, the need to maintain seamless growth across the business sector has also given an impetus to the growth of the

Newly Invented Sensor to Assist in Effective Combating of Terrorism

It is now easy to detect explosives like TNT and DNT in real-time, thanks to a newly invented portable and compact sensor. This device will now better monitor public spaces to combat terrorism. Nitroaromatic explosives, such as TNP, TNT, and DNT present a severe threat to military and civilian security. Chemicals such as TNP, TNT, and DNT are also known to be toxic in nature, which also results in environmental

New Hybrid Technology Transforms Residential Solar PV Systems

More people are now opting for sustainable lifestyle amidst rising concern for environment. Sustainable environment needs a change in way of life with eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for our day-to-day consumption. Led by Professor Dmitri Vinnikov, TalTech Power Electronics Research Group has been working to enhance the efficiency of units of alternative energy generation for over a decade. Optiverter to Bring Down the Cost for Consumers Professor Vinnikov said that in

Drone Pioneering Aerial Deliveries in Healthcare Industry

Few years ago, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pointed out the role of drones in delivering consumer goods. As drones become integral part of delivery food and consumer goods, other sectors are exploring their usage too. As a result, now healthcare startups are probing the idea of using drones to deliver medical products. These start-ups are making commendable progress in their efforts to tap $70 bn dollar global market of healthcare


The term air pollution, however, invariably evokes pollution of outdoor air. Keeping outdoor pollution in mind, realtors building airtight homes that keep harmful chemicals out of the house. Never do we think about indoor air quality, not even once. Such airtight homes have poor ventilation and thus affect the quality of the indoor air. Recent heat waves and climate worldwide have compelled school children, to urge for instant action to

Understanding Chemistry of Biologics can Drive Innovation in Pharma

The consequences of consuming synthetic drugs (chemicals) are aplenty. The instances of pharmacovigilance keep surfacing, and they tarnish brand value which has long-lasting impact for a pharmaceutical company. As a result, most players developing drugs for complex diseases have ventured into discovering biologics – an equivalent of the chemical drug derived from biological sources. While a large number of these drugs are available in the market today are proving to

What Reduces Solar Cells’ Efficiency?

Solar is perhaps one of the most reliable source of renewable energy we have today. While the entire world is turning towards green energy, the drop in efficiency of solar cells remains a worry. For almost 40 years, in fact since their development, scientists have prodded over the consistent drop in efficiency of solar cells. With more than 270 research papers published trying to understand what induces the drop in


Malaysia plans to ship back over 3,000 tonnes to Canada. In a bold move, the country’s home minister announced that it will reject the trash from rich countries in the near future. Malaysia is not the first country to make such a move. Recently, China banned the import of plastic waste to its shore. This disrupted the outflow of over 7 million tons of trash a year. The plastic waste


A team of scientists from Penn University of Agriculture has found a missing clue to protect forests. These scientists discovered that Native American’s regular forest fires helped the forest grow better in the long run. The Native Americans regularly burned forests in order to meet their vegetation needs. Their regular burning of the forest in the eastern United States led to changed forest composition of the forest, a one more

Aaptiv Coach AI Gets Ready to Flex Muscles

Aaptiv, a health workout advisory startup launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) health program yesterday. These plans promise to be highly personalized. The program offers advice to users on how to reach their fitness goals based on their diet, exercise tracked through sensors, and current fitness levels. Aaptiv made headlines around the world last year. The company raised nearly $20 million last year from the likes of Disney, Amazon, and Bose.