With agile deep-pocketed players betting big on it, smart televisions have become mainstream. The result, more evolved versions underpinned by the latest-cutting edge technologies being rolled out every now and then. One such to hit the market recently is by LG. Powered by artificial intelligence, it has created quite a stir with its best-in-class display, digital assistants, and other functionalities and features. It must be noted that almost all of

Global uptake of Agri-Business to Create Wonders in Fruit and Vegetable Market

Sustainable agriculture technology or simply Ag Tech is the economic sector having the potential to completely reshape the global agriculture, largely increasing the production capacity of the agriculture system. It has the ability to completely reshape the agricultural scenario altogether. The prices of food has raised in the past few years owing to the multiplying number of population and their growing demand for food. Kenya’s Twiga Foods have been quite

A New Combine Technology for Early Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer

Scientists working at Washington University has developed a method to diagnose the cancer with the help of photoacoustic imagining. Photoacoustic imagining is a technique works by combining the ultrasound and laser light. The development may be helpful for clinician to diagnose ovarian cancer at early stage and that will lead to save lives. The ovarian cancer detected at very early stage such as stage 1 or 2; the chemotherapy and


An African ISP made a tremendous mistake, which led good data for search and other services such as cloud services went off the target on last Monday, November, 12. It is reported that the data was sent in a complete wrong way when an African ISP, MainOne Cable, which is present in Nigeria, went to update their address books. This step was taken for key network hardware. It was claimed


Regardless of sensational advances in medical technology, cancer is as yet one of the world’s greatest health concerns. The best protection against cancer is anticipation, yet for the situation something happens, early counteractive action is vital. Notwithstanding, most cancer tests are tedious, costly, and can be very unsavory. A blood test went for recognizing cancer from bits of DNA from tumor cells that are in the blood. A “liquid” biopsy

Oceanic Energy

Energy harvested from the ocean in considered renewable. It is abundant too. This has led to a recent deal to deploy tidal kite technology in the oceanic waters around the Faroe Islands. The deal was inked between Faroese power firm SEV and Swedish marine energy business Minesto. Together, they are to commission, install, and operate two of Minesto’s DG100 models. SEV has agreed to purchase the electricity manufactured by using the


Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational company with its headquarters in Mountain View, California. This company was formed in order to incorporate the restructuring of Google and is considered as the parent company of Google along with its other sibling companies. In a recent news, it is reported that the Alphabet Company is soon to switch a few of its companies in and around in order to organize their health

Air Pollution

Stellar rise in air pollution over the past decade has only brought more concerns to the doctors and have made research to find various ways to avoid inhaling those directly into the system. Microscopic particles which float in the air comes from fires, fossil fuel combustion, vehicles, and cigarettes. This are known as fine particulate matter which can cause serious cardiovascular diseases. Apart from these, they are known to have


Supercomputing, or advanced high performance computing, is a procedure for taking care of to a great degree complex data loaded issues by utilizing the concentrated handling intensity of various, parallel PCs. Applications extend from genomics to cosmic computations to finding therapeutic medications. Nonetheless, up until this point, these amazing devices have battled with capacity stages restricted by inflexible systems that drive clients to pick either customization of features or high

Ozone Layer Finally Getting Replenished

For all those worried about the earth’s climate owing to the depletion of the ozone layer, here’s some good news finally – the ozone layer is getting restored gradually. This has been stated in a report backed by the UN titled Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2018. The report has been prepared by an expert panel from the United Nations Environment Programme and World Meteorological Organization. It observes that the