Elon Unveils Tesla’s ‘Best in The World’ Chips for Self-Driving Cars

Yesterday, Elon Musk, the flashy founder of Tesla unveiled a new chip for automated vehicles. He was speaking at Tesla’a first ever ‘Autonomy Day’ with investors. He said, the new chips will deliver full self-driving capabilities to next-generation Tesla’s. Elon also announced his prediction that there will be more than one million self-driving Tesla cars on the road by 2020. Elon spoke frankly as usual. According to him, many did

WiFi Finder App Exposes 2 million passwords

WiFi Finder, a popular app for hotspots exposed over 2 million passwords recently. The app also failed to respond to public concerns about the exposure, despite repeated attempts by news agencies. The app is well-known for its ability to locate hotspots anywhere and also hosts a large public database of public passwords. However, the database also showcased several passwords, geolocation tags and other important information for home-based networks. The app

Amazon Admits Defeat in Chinese Local Marketplace

In a rare occurrence, Amazon, the e-commerce giant, announced closure of its local marketplace in China. This July onwards, the company plans to shift its focus to overseas products rather than local goods. However, other affiliated businesses like Kindle, Amazon Web Services, and cross border operations will continue. As a result, customers logging in to Amazon.cn will see products from the global store only, and no third part sellers. This

AI Secures Better Diagnosis for Prostate Cancer Patients

A new Artificial Intelligent (AI) system reads prostate cancer scans as well as radiologists with over 10 years of experience. According a new study conducted by UCLA researchers, the system evaluates Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with 80.5% accuracy, compared to 83.9% accuracy of seasoned radiologists. So, yes the radiologists are still better at their job than their counterpart AI. However, there is a reason for all prostate cancer patients to

Bizzabo Bags $27M in Series D Funding

Bizzabo, an end-to-end event success platform provider, closed a $27 m Series D funding round. The company provides online tools for corporate event planning, management and marketing. Earlier this year, the use of Bizzabo software reported by publishers rose from 39 in 2016 to today 328. Founded in 2011, Bizzabo has now 120 employees in New York and Tel Aviv. Viola Growth, Next47, Pilot Growth’s, and Maor Investments participants led

Biosynthetic Computer Finds its Way into Human Cells

Welcome to a world where a computer the size of a cell is made up of purely biological components! Yes, researchers at ETH Zurich have found a solution that helps combine engineered biological components into scalable circuits. Firstly, the new development comes under the area of synthetic biology. This branch of science is a branch of biological engineering, designing new biological parts, systems or devices for a purpose. With synthetic

Mobiles to Double Their Speed, Thanks to MIT researchers

A new study promises to double the speeds of mobiles and computing devices. The study details a new and advanced data compression technique. The technique compresses essential information by half. This makes it easier for apps to access the much-needed information from the main memory. The study was undertaken by MIT researchers who believe it can speed up computation considerably. According to them, accessing the main computer memory is often

Increasing Application of Smart Pneumatic in Diverse Industrial Sector to Promote Global Smart Pneumatics Market

In order to process work seamlessly and effectively, the global smart pneumatics market is likely to experience massive growth in the coming years as its assistances in collecting data and information in order to make work process convenient. Increasing use of smart pneumatics in several industries including software and service and automotive is driving overall growth of this market in the coming years. The utility of pneumatics market is high

Machine Safety Market: Rising Awareness Among Employees and Employers and Increasing Efforts Made by International and National Organizations

Increasing urbanization and industrial sector in the developing and developed nation is propelling overall growth of the machine safety market in the coming years. Advancement in technology taking place in machine safety for instance developing stop control, pressure sensing safety market and this has further compelled overall growth of this market in the coming years. In addition, industrialization is taking upward trend and this is further influencing market growth in

Ro, an Online Pharmacy Secures 85 mn in Series B Funding

Ro made many headlines last year with its unique and popular online pharmacy model. However, none were bigger than this – it has touched $500 mn in evaluation. Additionally, it secured $85 mn in series B funding. The company runs an extremely popular men’s health brand, named Roman. It provides online prescription services for uncomfortable conversation starters such as erectile dysfunction (ED). Furthermore, Ro is also known for its famous