Study Reveals Flavonoid-rich Diet can ward off Cancers and Heart Diseases

According to the findings of a new study from Edith Cowan University, consumption of flavonoid-rich food items like tea and apples safeguards one against heart diseases and cancer. Flavonoid-rich diet is particularly useful for heavy drinkers and smokers. Researchers from School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University, made an analysis of data from the Diet, Cancer and Health cohort. It evaluated the diets of nearly 53,048 Danes over

Environment Friendly Products

Production of environment friendly ammonia, gasoline, biodegradable plastics, and biodiesel fuels is no more a far-fetched idea. Utilizing light-powered, carbon dioxide consuming nanobio-hybrid organisms can make this a reality soon. Scientists of the University of Colorado Boulder created a living microbial factories, which can eat and change carbon dioxide into functional products such as biodegradable plastics and gasoline. The technology makes use of light-activated quantum dots, which are capable of

Hubble’s Telescope Discovers an Exoplanet Outside the Solar System

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope reveals an exoplanet so close to the sun that gases of heavy metals are escaping from the surface instead of condensing and getting hard. The exoplanet is WASP-121b and it revolves around a sun brighter and hotter than our sun. The exoplanet falls under the category of hot Jupiter owing to its sheer size. What is so Unique about WASP-121b? What amazes the researchers is the

AI Tool to Inform Doctors About Acute Kidney Diseases in Advance

It is now possible to identify kidney injuries up to two days even before it takes place, thanks to a new AI tool. In the last few years, tech comapnies have developed several AI tools to track and maintain medical records. Further, the basic idea is to generate advance warning enabling doctors to intervene before its late. Artificial intelligence (AI) coached on health records can now detect acute kidney injury 48

How Cosmic Galactic Rays Impair Astronauts and Space Missions?

When astronauts venture in the deep, dark universe, they are left at the mercy of cosmic dangers. Asteroids, galactic cosmic rays, crushing pressures, freeing temperatures, and more worry them. While all of these are serious concerns, the worst for astronauts is invisible – space radiation. Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere safeguards all forms of life from the harmful effects of cosmic radiations. However, when these unflinching explorers venture into space

Smart Device Brings Hope for Many Brain-related Diseases

A team of researchers have come up with a wireless, smartphone-regulated device that can render drugs directly into the brain. Further, it is also capable of stimulating brain cells using light. Further, scientists have tested this device on mice. In a brand new effort, researchers from the Republic of Korea and the United States have designed a new brain implant. This device can not only trigger brain cells but also

Trend of Reinforcement of Foods Propels Phytosterols Market

Growing trend of adopting the reinforcement of foods, which are vitamins, herbal extracts, and minerals, has created environment for adoption of phytosterols. The application of phytosterols has surged across food products including milk sausages, bakery products, cold cuts, spicy sauces, spreads, yogurts, and margarine. Government approval for using phytosterols as additives has influenced the market growth substantially. Widening applications of phytosterols in skincare is driving growth of the global phytosterols

Palladium Diselenide Opens New Vistas for Higher Solar Power Generation

In an effort to enhance solar performance, researchers of Siberian Federal University and Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden take a giant step. The team discovered new characteristics of a palladium-based material capable of improving solar cell performance. Palladium diselenide holds enormous promise for the future. Further, researchers point out that the chemical fraternity has not explored all the properties of this material. High Precision Method of Calculation Used to Study

High Insulin Levels Can Cause Pancreatic Cancer: Study

Prolonged high levels of insulin can cause pancreatic cancer, finds a University of British Columbia study. Researchers reduced the levels of insulin in mice and discovered that lower levels of insulin protected them against the development of pancreatic cancer. Further, researchers predisposed the mice to the development of pancreatic cancer. Obesity is the Primary Cause of Hyperinsulinemia  James Johnson said that pancreatic cancer is not easy to detect and diagnosis

Botnet Detection is a Tool or Technique that is Used to Recognize a Botnet

Botnet detection is a tool or technique that is used to recognize a botnet, which is a computer network under the control of a malicious user. The types of mechanisms of botnet detection are active and passive mechanisms. The botnet detection technique is built upon the traffic analysis between the bot master and the bot. Some botnets are very hard to notice, since they utilize HTTP service for communication with