Rohit Bhisey

An AVP at the Marketing department at Transparency Market Research, Rohit has his fingers firmly placed on the pulse of the business world. He has a keen eye for any new development that could rock our world. He is adept at strategizing to boost web traffic and generate new leads. He is also an expert in Google Analytics, something which he feels could go a long way in getting sites more traction by providing necessary insights. Rohit is a Bachelor in Computer Science from the Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University and takes keen interest in writing news articles on technology, business, and healthcare.


Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational company with its headquarters in Mountain View, California. This company was formed in order to incorporate the restructuring of Google and is considered as the parent company of Google along with its other sibling companies. In a recent news, it is reported that the Alphabet Company is soon to switch a few of its companies in and around in order to organize their health

Air Pollution

Stellar rise in air pollution over the past decade has only brought more concerns to the doctors and have made research to find various ways to avoid inhaling those directly into the system. Microscopic particles which float in the air comes from fires, fossil fuel combustion, vehicles, and cigarettes. This are known as fine particulate matter which can cause serious cardiovascular diseases. Apart from these, they are known to have


Every great dream begins with a dreamer and dreamers believe in keeping their foot on the ground and eyes on the stars. Stars have been a childhood fantasy and each has associated their life with the moon and stars. However, the study of stars and constellations reveal that stars are not just our friends for the night but luminous ball of helium and hydrogen containing gas that is contained together


On Monday, several Google services such as cloud and search services were disrupted when an internet diversion that rerouted internet traffic through China and Russia took place. According to the reports, the service interruptions continued for oddly two hours, which ended at 5:30 pm. Google underscoring the matter, admitted the service interruption on a network status page and believed that the cause was external to Google. The company did added

The U.S Weapon Sales up by 13%; Likely to Increase in 2019 too

The state department of the U.S recently announced that the weapon sales from various American firms has increased by 13% in the year 2018.  They further disclosed that in the fiscal year 2018, the U.S earned $55.66 bn in terms if foreign military sales, which was valued at $4.93 bn in the year 2017. With the increasing sales of foreign military weapons, the government of U.S acts as a liaison

Social Media

Heavy use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapachat, and Instagram is likely to make a person more depressed and feel lonely. A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania carried out a study on 143 undergraduate. The result showed that that extreme use of social media might lead to poor health and can make a person depressed. The study was published in the Journal of Social and

Researchers Use New Antibiotic Treatment for Gonorrhea

The second most reportable, owing to being notifiable, disease in the U.S. is a sexually transmitted (STD) one. It is known as gonorrhea. The ailments affects both women and men. The younger demographics between 15 and 24 years of age is particularly prone to it. In 2017 around 550,000 cases of gonorrhea were reported in the U.S. Gonorrhea infection if left untreated can devolve into ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease,

Researchers Develop New Camera Model to Detect Objects in 4K/8K Video

Franz Franchetti and research understudy Vít Růžička have as of late built up another model that empowers quick and precise object detection in high-goals 4K and 8K video film utilizing GPUs. Their consideration pipeline strategy does a two-arrange assessment of each picture or video outline under harsh and refined goals, constraining the aggregate number of assessments important. In light of profound learning calculations, the cameras convey great and precise conduct

Infinity Flex Display by Samsung to Develop Foldable Screen that Converts Smartphone into Tablet

Justin Denison the senior vice president of mobile product marketing introduced prototype foldable smartphone in its recent Samsung developer conference held in San Francisco. While introducing the product, he said that the mass production will be carried out in the next few months. The new screen is foldable and can convert a smartphone into a tablet. Further Denison added that foldable screen is the foundation of tomorrow’s smartphone. In addition,

Can Flexible Screens Shape the Future of Smartphones?

The booming smartphone industry is looking for something new, something which no one has seen as of date. In a quest for that something, the next possible thing that all the smartphone manufacturers are focusing on flexible screens. Evolution of smartphones has been impressive over the years, enhanced touch screens, high end cameras, and crystal clear sharp displays have never failed to impress the millennials and critics. Powerful chipsets and