Rohit Bhisey

An AVP at the Marketing department at Transparency Market Research, Rohit has his fingers firmly placed on the pulse of the business world. He has a keen eye for any new development that could rock our world. He is adept at strategizing to boost web traffic and generate new leads. He is also an expert in Google Analytics, something which he feels could go a long way in getting sites more traction by providing necessary insights. Rohit is a Bachelor in Computer Science from the Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University and takes keen interest in writing news articles on technology, business, and healthcare.

Not Precious Pure Water, Researchers split Seawater for hydrogen

Splitting water to obtain oxygen and hydrogen serves to use hydrogen as an alternative fuel. The process, however, requires purified water which is a precious resource and the method costly as well. In a new development, seawater – Earth’s most abundant source used to split into hydrogen and oxygen. A team of researchers at Stanford University used electrodes, solar power, and saltwater from San Francisco Bay to split water. This,

Slack Regulated Customers Empowered with Control of Encryption Keys

Slack – the collaboration specialist company empowers its regulated customers. For its proprietary communication app Slack- the company is launching Enterprise Key Management (EKM) tool. Using this tool, customers have control on encryption keys. This is however, only for the enterprise version of the product. The add-on feature for Slack should appeal to customers especially in regulated industries. Industries that need tighter control over security. This includes financial services, healthcare

Here are The Coolest Features in New Google Chrome

Google has launched a beta version of new chrome for testing. The version known as Canary promises to turn a few heads at the very least. Canary has offered more control for users for customization of tabs. Henceforth, users can pick up the plus tab sign and move it around. Additionally, tabs promise to fade in the background during inactivity. Moreover, Canary also promises more data control and safety for

Adapting Process of Work will Propel Intelligent Automation Process Market Demand

Intelligent automation systems can be implemented in nearly every industrial sector. They not only process vast amounts of information, but also analyze data, spot inconsistencies, check for correctness, learn in the process of work, adapt to changes and make decisions. Though the final confirmation still depends on a human operator, much of the work is done by the intelligent automation software, resulting in time-saving. Advanced techniques and great computing power

How Advent in Smartphones will propel the Intelligent App Market Demand?

Although keyword density is ok is this one, its distribution is not proper. With the advent of smartphones, we saw a plethora of apps that were created to assist us in seeking information and also with day to day activities. Today, technological advancements in cloud infrastructure and machine learning have laid the foundation for tomorrow’s intelligent app market. According to Bill Schmarzo, the CTO of Dell EMC Services, apps that

Increasing Environmental Concerns to Fuel Reusable Water Bottles Market

The global reusable water bottles market is showing unfaltering development over the past few years as buyers are progressively preferring reusable water bottles instead of single-use bottles. Reusable water bottles that are made of glass, metal, silicone, or polymer offer high strength and quality that one-time use water bottles need. Product makers are trying to present novel items that serve buyer demand and preferences. The developing awareness to diminish plastic

Supercomputers Open New Possibilities in Quantum Physics

Is it possible to put together a broken teacup by going back in time? Maybe it is. Questions like have aspired quantum physicists for a long time. Presently, supercomputers are likely to help us ponder these questions in-depth. A team of researchers stimulated time-reversal on a supercomputer recently. Thereafter, the team used a specially developed algorithm to achieve this feat. This is a noteworthy achievement for its future potential. Furthermore,

Google’s New Voice Recognition works Offline, but only on Pixel Phones

Voice recognition is one of the most attractive thing that a smartphone package offers. It can’t be more interesting, the user has a query for the virtual assistant Siri, Alexa, or Google whichever it may be it related to anything under the sky. In a handful of milliseconds, the query returned mostly correctly interpreted. Voila! However, the entire phenomenon has flaws too. The time lag factor in such a phenomenon

Mushrooms May Be Key to Preventing Memory Loss, Say Scientists

Mushrooms may be the new home-made remedy for preventive cognitive decline. Two standard portions of mushrooms per week can do the trick. This diet resulted in a 50 per cent reduction in the probability of cognitive memory loss, in a recent study. According to the researchers, a compound known as ergothioneine or ET may be driving the reduction in MCI probability. Correspondingly, the compound possesses unique anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

To Forget Something Requires More Brain Power than to Remember

When it comes to brain memory power, what seems obvious is reducing attention on unwanted information helps erase the same. Common sense says the same, redirecting attention from unwanted experiences or suppressing unwanted memory from reviving is the easy way to bury it deep inside the brain. The theory supported by brain research in this space. In this space, extended research by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin