Rohit Bhisey

An AVP at the Marketing department at Transparency Market Research, Rohit has his fingers firmly placed on the pulse of the business world. He has a keen eye for any new development that could rock our world. He is adept at strategizing to boost web traffic and generate new leads. He is also an expert in Google Analytics, something which he feels could go a long way in getting sites more traction by providing necessary insights. Rohit is a Bachelor in Computer Science from the Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University and takes keen interest in writing news articles on technology, business, and healthcare.

Microbial Factories to Produce Environmentally Friendly Products

Production of environment friendly ammonia, gasoline, biodegradable plastics, and biodiesel fuels is no more a far-fetched idea. Utilizing light-powered, carbon dioxide consuming nanobio-hybrid organisms can make this a reality soon. Scientists of the University of Colorado Boulder created a living microbial factories, which can eat and change carbon dioxide into functional products such as biodegradable plastics and gasoline. The technology makes use of light-activated quantum dots, which are capable of

Spectral Sensing Filters Market: Rising Penetration of Technologies such as Wi-Fi, Wimax and Growing Appetite For High Speed Internet Drives Demand

Every material around us has associated with its own unique optical spectral signature. Spectral sensing refers to a technology which is used to determine the information about its material composition. This is done by shining a light on the object under consideration and then analyzing the reflected light from the object top study its properties. Spectral filtering is commonly used to select a certain information or eliminate it from an

Smart Indoor Gardening Market Overview , Trends and Opportunities by 2026

The demand within the global smart indoor gardening market has been rising on account of the increasing given on indoor aesthetics. Indoor gardens have emerged as a new area within the field of interior designing and several people sectors have adopted them. Gardening is considered as a popular hobby for masses across the globe, and the emergence of indoor gardening has further popularised the former. It is expected that the

X-ray Diffractometer Market Shares and Strategies of Key Players: AVA Technologies Inc., EDN Inc., Click and Grow

A measuring instrument for analyzing the structure of a material from scattering pattern that is produced when a beam of radiation or particles such as X-rays or neutrons interacts with it, is called as a diffractometer. A high-tech, non-destructive technique to analyze a wide range of materials that includes plastic, solar cells, catalysts, metals, fluids, minerals, polymers, ceramics, thin-film coatings, pharmaceuticals and most importantly semiconductors is commonly known as X-ray

Peer-To-Peer Lending Market To Grow At Stellar 48.2% Cagr During 2016-2024, With Soaring Demand For Student Loans

The global peer-to-peer lending market is witnessing a fierce competition among players, reports Transparency Market Research (TMR). The topmost players in the market are scattered globally and adopting various strategies to achieve the permanent position. Moreover, these players are mainly following the trend to build several tactical alliances for stretching their presence in medium and small business loan divisions. A few popular companies’ names in the global peer-to-peer lending market include Prosper

Contactless Payments Transaction A Us$801.4 Bn Industry By 2025

Robust development in internet of things (IoT) has a key role in redefining contactless payments, analysts at Transparency Market Research (TMR) estimates. Thanks to this, the contactless payments transaction market are estimated to account for US$801.4 bn by 2025-end expanding at 55.50% over the forecast period from 2017 to 2025.. Regionally, Europe accounted for the largest share in the global revenue with a valuation of a US$14.1 bn in 2017

Artificial Intelligence Market: A Crucial Source Paved Way for Artificial Intelligence

Application of artificial intelligence (AI) has grown like never before. It is stretching its arms in as many fields as possible and changing surprisingly contributing to achieve newer goals. Artificial neural networks have recently found importance, and a MIT’s research suggests that training a particular sub-network will help in making final prediction. This will help reduce expensive process altogether and save time. Obtain Report Details @ Growing application of artificial

Safety Programmable Logic Controller Market To Rise On Account Of Soaring Demand Form End Use Industries

Programmable logic controller devices are widely used in industries to control processes and immediately switch to a safer state in case any fault in the main switch. With the passing time, industries have started realizing the fact that they need an efficient switch control system than help them balance electricity supply in case of peak hours. This protects their equipment from voltage fluctuation and increase safety in their industrial environment.

Rising Mining and Construction Activities and Growing Agricultural Mechanization to Drive Off the Road Tire Market

About two decade ago, off the road tires was a concept proposed by the tire manufacturing company to tap opportunities prevailing in the tire market. They launched these tires to cater demand of high duty tire d in various industries. Little did they know that their idea will shape into billion dollar market with the passing time. Today, off the road tires have became need of the hour. Unprecedented demand

Hubble’s Telescope Discovers an Exoplanet Outside the Solar System

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope reveals an exoplanet so close to the sun that gases of heavy metals are escaping from the surface instead of condensing and getting hard. The exoplanet is WASP-121b and it revolves around a sun brighter and hotter than our sun. The exoplanet falls under the category of hot Jupiter owing to its sheer size. What is so Unique about WASP-121b? What amazes the researchers is the