EU Leaders Vow to Fight Climate Change Amidst Growing Challenges

EU leaders excluding Theressa May met in Sibiu to guide the EU ship amidst growing turbulence in the sea. The leaders vowed to fight for rule of law, climate change, and a new model for growth. Additionally, Angela Markel agreed to back a france-led proposal. It promises to spend a quarter of EU budget on energy efficiency and climate change. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor also rejected the endorsement of

Joseph Thomas Gives Thumbs Up to Technology, Banks, and Consumption

Joseph Thomas, head research at Emkay Wealth Management predicted that technology, banks, and consumption will offer bright prospects in the near future. He also said the safe range for Nifty is between 11,100 and 11,400. According to him, the move-up to general elections has generated some movement in the market, largely in indices. Joesph also said, he is witnessing transfers in ETFs and index funds. He also spoke positively about

Amazon Launches into P2P Payment Warzone with Awesome Paybacks

Amazon launched its own payment system in India recently. The company is now a full-fledged competitor in a payments app battlefield. It recently announced bank-to-bank transfers as well as person-to-person payments as well. The company also enables consumers to recharge their mobile phones, pay electricity bills, and of course shop online. Using AmazonPay, customers get a 120 rupees cashback, a perk induced to outshine GooglePay and Paytm. These two competitors

Advantage of Inventory Accuracy Fueling Growth for Radiofrequency Identification Technology

Rising application of radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology in retail, government, logistics, and supply chain industries is fueling growth in the global radiofrequency identification (RFID) market. Gradually, use of this technology is also growing in the healthcare sector that helps in people tracking and identification, equipment tracking, medical tracking, and medical report and blood transfer monitoring. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and distribution channels are the key customers that largely use RFID

Growing Consumer Electronics to Drive Global Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) Market

Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) is a joint circuit, which helps to regulate the power requirements across the host systems. This type of IC type able to manage the power from numerous other power sources including batteries, USB, and wall adapters. Additionally, their cost is lowering due to advancements in technology. Power management ICs incorporated in the PMIC tends to be efficient and smarter owing to regulating the flow of

Elon Unveils Tesla’s ‘Best in The World’ Chips for Self-Driving Cars

Yesterday, Elon Musk, the flashy founder of Tesla unveiled a new chip for automated vehicles. He was speaking at Tesla’a first ever ‘Autonomy Day’ with investors. He said, the new chips will deliver full self-driving capabilities to next-generation Tesla’s. Elon also announced his prediction that there will be more than one million self-driving Tesla cars on the road by 2020. Elon spoke frankly as usual. According to him, many did

Amazon Admits Defeat in Chinese Local Marketplace

In a rare occurrence, Amazon, the e-commerce giant, announced closure of its local marketplace in China. This July onwards, the company plans to shift its focus to overseas products rather than local goods. However, other affiliated businesses like Kindle, Amazon Web Services, and cross border operations will continue. As a result, customers logging in to will see products from the global store only, and no third part sellers. This

Bizzabo Bags $27M in Series D Funding

Bizzabo, an end-to-end event success platform provider, closed a $27 m Series D funding round. The company provides online tools for corporate event planning, management and marketing. Earlier this year, the use of Bizzabo software reported by publishers rose from 39 in 2016 to today 328. Founded in 2011, Bizzabo has now 120 employees in New York and Tel Aviv. Viola Growth, Next47, Pilot Growth’s, and Maor Investments participants led

Increase in adoption of Advance Consumer Electronic to Boost Global In-Display Sensor market

The increasing trend of biometric authentication service across the globe for safety and security reason is further fueling growth of this market in the coming years. The growing use of in-display sensor monitoring in defense and military industry verticals for identifying suspicious act is driving overall growth of this market in the near future. However, in-display sensor are utilized for touch navigation process to improve the authentication and this can

Armis Corners $65M Series C Funding as IoT security Excites Investors

Armis, an IoT device security firm secured $65m in funding. The startup attracted large cheers from investors as it recorded nearly 700 percent growth in 2018. Sequoia Capital, a venture funding backbone of Silicon Valley led the funding rounds. Other investors in the deal included Intermountain Ventures and Insight Venture Partners. Additionally, the funding also witnessed return of old investors like Red Dot Capital Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, and Tenaya