Slack Regulated Customers Empowered with Control of Encryption Keys

Slack – the collaboration specialist company empowers its regulated customers. For its proprietary communication app Slack- the company is launching Enterprise Key Management (EKM) tool. Using this tool, customers have control on encryption keys. This is however, only for the enterprise version of the product. The add-on feature for Slack should appeal to customers especially in regulated industries. Industries that need tighter control over security. This includes financial services, healthcare

Adapting Process of Work will Propel Intelligent Automation Process Market Demand

Intelligent automation systems can be implemented in nearly every industrial sector. They not only process vast amounts of information, but also analyze data, spot inconsistencies, check for correctness, learn in the process of work, adapt to changes and make decisions. Though the final confirmation still depends on a human operator, much of the work is done by the intelligent automation software, resulting in time-saving. Advanced techniques and great computing power

How Advent in Smartphones will propel the Intelligent App Market Demand?

Although keyword density is ok is this one, its distribution is not proper. With the advent of smartphones, we saw a plethora of apps that were created to assist us in seeking information and also with day to day activities. Today, technological advancements in cloud infrastructure and machine learning have laid the foundation for tomorrow’s intelligent app market. According to Bill Schmarzo, the CTO of Dell EMC Services, apps that

Supercomputers Open New Possibilities in Quantum Physics

Is it possible to put together a broken teacup by going back in time? Maybe it is. Questions like have aspired quantum physicists for a long time. Presently, supercomputers are likely to help us ponder these questions in-depth. A team of researchers stimulated time-reversal on a supercomputer recently. Thereafter, the team used a specially developed algorithm to achieve this feat. This is a noteworthy achievement for its future potential. Furthermore,

Google’s New Voice Recognition works Offline, but only on Pixel Phones

Voice recognition is one of the most attractive thing that a smartphone package offers. It can’t be more interesting, the user has a query for the virtual assistant Siri, Alexa, or Google whichever it may be it related to anything under the sky. In a handful of milliseconds, the query returned mostly correctly interpreted. Voila! However, the entire phenomenon has flaws too. The time lag factor in such a phenomenon


Fitbit rolled out four new products among a host of trackers and smartwatches in the lineup. But, none of them are in line to compete with high-end devices like the Apple Watch 4. Earlier, last year, Apple Watch 4 witnessed a number of upgrades, but the ability to detect atrial fibrillation was the most exciting of all. Apple Watch 4’s ability for atrial fibrillation can be life savior in the

Researchers attain New Internet data speed for Transatlantic cable

Physically, the Internet seems intangible as it is a digital domain, but it is cables that impart life to the phenomenon. It is cables that enable thumping data transfer speed to the Internet to send signals across continents. In a breakthrough development, researchers have attained a new speed record for data transfer over the Internet. Using the Marea undersea cable, researchers used 16QM modulation toolkit o modulate the lasers and

Self-Driving Cars Experience Trouble With Darker Skin

AI is not new to human-like troubles. Recently, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon’s facial recognition technology was in news due to its bias against people with darker skin tones. The self-driving cars have met with a similar fate. Georgia Tech scientists have analyzed a mass footage, in which self-driving cars had trouble detecting people with darker skin tones. Georgia Tech researchers analyzed videos from Berkekely, New York, San Jose, and San


What commonly believed is efficient computer systems, with bulky hardware and high-end processors are essential for autonomous driving vehicles. For a layman, driverless vehicles need support of costly computer hardware and high-end processors to run heavy applications. After all it is technology that has to make intelligent decisions on the roads! However, a new development in the space is falsifying such beliefs. An initiative of a startup, it envisions delivering

Android OS and IoT Devices Lift Smart Rings Market to New Heights

Smart rings are cyclic-shaped wearable devices which help consumers communicate with other people, devices, keep track of activities, and use smartphones with convenience. The advancements in smart rings market have enabled wearers to send and receive pictures, messages, contact information without the need to reach for their smartphones. The growing innovation in smartphone operation systems like in Android continues to drive the smart rings market to new peaks of success.