Researchers create new Chatbots with skills of Multiple Agents


As chatbots continue to evolve, the newer ones have become increasingly sophisticated, and they now assist humans on a variety of online platforms, such as Facebook and several e-commerce sites. So far, design of chatbots have been to excel at one particular conversational skill or style, for instance, to provide customer assistance or to offer basic information on some given topic.

Chatbots now are in leap mode. Researchers at Facebook AI Research recently undertook a study to examine the possibility of combining different conversational skills, to enhance their overall capability. The research paper of the study is set to be presented at ACL 2020.

Study Proposes host of options to accentuate skills of Chatbots

The paper proposes a host of options to accentuate features of chatbots. This includes employing techniques to combine skills of different agents into one, and also introduce a dataset to analyze the efficacy of these models. This involves to analyze how effective individual conversational skills, if trained in isolation, would be if meshed together in a single agent.

“Earlier, the Facebook AI Research team had developed a few AI models each one of which were very good to talk to humans in a certain way – a model that could incorporate knowledge into a conversation, a model that featured to respond empathetically, and a model that was good of being consistent when talking about its persona,” stated one of the researcher who carried out the study.

While the goal of the study is to create a single model that can smoothly switch between models, and blend all three kinds of communication.

Meanwhile, human beings are capable of to automatically switch between different conversational styles based on the situation they find themselves in. For instance, a human speaker would be able to toggle between talking about him/herself, listen to others and console them, and exchange knowledge or information about something, and so on.

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