Two Technology Companies debut free Chatbot to assess COVID-19 Risk


Healthcare chatbots have been around for a while, but are unarguably finding much need during current COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst chatbots cannot replace experienced physicians and nurses, they can help reduce the overload in the current situation, and when consumers seek answers to medical questions while staying at home.

A chatbot technology, introduced as a joint effort of two technology, Infermedica and LiveChat Software, offered free, is poised to be advantageous in the current situation. The chatbot technology helps to identify symptoms of coronavirus, and provides advice to people who seek medical assistance. Hospitals can integrate the technology into their systems free of charge, and consumers can access the technology via a website.

Platform of Chatbot among WHO recognized Systems to fight COVID-19

In terms of platform, the chatbot is based on Infermedica’s COVID-19 assessment tool within the list of systems recognized by the World Health Organization to fight against the pandemic. To date, the technology has served more than 450, 000 check-ups and more than 300 organizations have integrated the tool with their system, as reported by the company.

The basis of the chatbot is in line with official WHO guidelines and is verified by a team of doctors at Infermedica. Function- wise, the chatbot provides users with advice and guidelines, depending on how users analyze the answers.

Furthermore, the tool enables users to check if they are in the risk group without the need to contact a medical professional in person, thus helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“And, individuals are willing are share more sensitive information with a chatbot rather than a human,” according to a recent research paper published in the Nature.

Meanwhile, healthcare technology and services vendors are mobilizing to deploy solutions aimed to reduce strain on healthcare practitioners as the pandemic continues.

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