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Emerging IoT into Digital Technologies Elevate Human Experience of Smart City

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In this technological era, the idea of IoT or Internet of Things is no more unknown to people. IoT works well with interconnected or digitally-enabled devices. Moreover, the range of IoT enabled devices start from common home appliances to vending machines. The key attribution of digital technology is an unhindered ability in transferring data through the network without any manual intervention. On the other hand, several sensors, actuators, and electronic components animate the core function of the IoT. However the rapid adoption of digital technology opens the door for IoT to enter, hoping for building smart cities.

With the explosion of population in various cities, new challenges have arisen such as poverty and economic development. Hence, the idea of making smart cities has come forth. In the context of making smart cities, integration of IoT eases out applications starting from video surveillance to smart lighting. Moreover, incorporation of modular IoT solution into smart cities include connectivity platforms, electronic and digital security, systems and many more. The aim is to making smart cities through implementing secured, shared, and scalable infrastructure.

Digitization of Payment Methods Pave ways for Improved Transparency and Efficiency

Rapid emergence of digital technologies help smart city developers in easing traffic congestion, managing urban waste, and cutting pollution. Inclusion of artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G, and Big data systems, however escalates the development of smart city. Observers note that combining digital technologies with IoT infrastructure elevates the human experience too, along with developing smart city.

Furthermore, people are trying to unlock the power of technology and digitization for making the smart cities functional and sustainable. Making the monetary transactions digitized is one step forward towards making more spontaneous and efficient cities.

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