Cristobalite Market Report 2027: SCR-Sibelco NV, Quarzwerke GmbH, and Hoben International Limited

Industry Insights

Key Highlights

  • The worldwide cristobalite market was esteemed at over US$ 27 Mn in 2018, and is foreseen to extend at a CAGR of over 5% during the estimate time frame.
  • The global cristobalite market is driven by the rise in the demand for glass & ceramics and paints & coatings.
  • Asia Pacific accounts for a prominent share of the global cristobalite market, led by the increase in the demand for residential housing, supported by government schemes.

Key Drivers of the Cristobalite Market

  • Built stones can be joined with cristobalite. This gives upgraded visual and practical outcomes. It likewise improves appearance in accordance with configuration patterns, including more noteworthy straightforwardness, whiteness, and brilliance.
  • As indicated by the most recent yearly report distributed by Sibelco in 2018, “the interest for cristobalite outperformed supply, due to the popularity from the built stone market. This circumstance additionally helped producers open another furnace in Belgium.”
  • Cristobalite is one of the fillers with the most elevated brilliance. This adds to the perceivability of street stamping paints. Coarse evaluations of cristobalite give unpleasantness to the substrate, making it less tricky by and large and wet conditions. This gives better perceivability in wet conditions. Being impervious to UV radiation, cristobalite lessens the corruption of coatings.

Milled Flour Segment to Offer Attractive Opportunities

  • Cristobalite processed flour is fabricated by the transformation of quartz in a revolving furnace at high temperature. It is utilized as a strengthening filler. Cristobalite processed flour offers an obstruction against grating activities and compound assaults.
  • Processed flour is regularly utilized in oneself cleaning of outside divider coatings and marine paints, inferable from its obstruction against compound assaults.
  • The processed flour fragment is foreseen to extend at a critical pace during the figure time frame, inferable from the expansion in the interest for processed flour in compound applications.

Risk of Substitution Coupled with Potential Health Hazards to Hamper Market Growth

  • Cristobalite can be supplanted by quartz and different polymorphs, for example, barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, diatomaceous earth, dolomite, feldspar, glass powder, kaolin, mica, microspheres, silica, and powder. Quartz and different polymorphs have comparative synthetic sythesis, and furthermore physical and compound properties as cristobalite. This can antagonistically influence the interest for cristobalite. Moreover, quartz and different polymorphs are more affordable than cristobalite.
  • Cristobalite can have genuine wellbeing risks when it interacts with a human for a drawn out timeframe. In 1996, the International Agency for Research on Cancer reasoned that, cristobalite residue was cancer-causing to people, and could cause disease. The usage of stringent government guidelines on the generation of cristobalite is controlling business sector development.

Asia Pacific Dominates the Cristobalite Market

  • Among the different locales, Asia Pacific represented a noteworthy portion of the worldwide cristobalite showcase in 2018. The interest for paints and coatings is high in the district, particularly in China, Japan, and South Korea.
  • China is anticipated to lead the market in Asia Pacific in the following couple of years, because of the ascent in buyer inclination for cool white ledges in the nation. Moreover, the expansion in structure and development exercises crosswise over Asia Pacific is boosting the interest for cristobalite sand and processed flour in concrete and street checking applications. This, thus, is driving the cristobalite advertise in Asia Pacific.
  • Cristobalite is broadly utilized as a crude material in the assembling of silica-based synthetic concoctions, for example, silica gel. Development in outside direct interests in China and India is foreseen to help the interest for cristobalite in these nations.

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Top Three Players Accounted for Around 75% Market Share in 2018 

The worldwide cristobalite market is commanded by a couple of enormous and medium players that work over the globe. The main three players — SCR-Sibelco NV, Quarzwerke GmbH, and Hoben International Limited — represented around 75% offer in 2018. The cristobalite market is overwhelmed by SCR-Sibelco NV, which is the biggest producer of cristobalite sand and processed flour over the globe. The organization has the biggest dissemination arrange and works over every significant area. SCR-Sibelco NV centers around growing new answers for its built stones business. These stones are utilized to build the visual components of surfaces, (for example, straightforwardness and brilliance), and improve utilitarian properties by upgrading hardness, sturdiness, and protection from scratching and recoloring of the surface. The organization puts resources into expanding its creation limit so as to keep up its market driving position.


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