Rising Need for Hygiene Maintenance to Prevent Infectious Diseases Spurs Demand for Disinfectants


The global disinfectant market is witnessing rising demand on the back of burgeoningcases of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and tuberculosis. Disinfectants are chemical reagents that hold ability to remove microorganisms present on non-living objects and surfaces.These reagents are gaining traction among worldwide population owing to increased incidences of infectious diseases, particularly in older people. Generally, older population is at high riskfor various acute and chronic health issues as they have poor immunity toward any disease. Thus, growing older population all across the world will stimulate the demand for the products from the disinfectant market in the upcoming period.

Disinfectants aresegmented according to theirhardness, antimicrobial function, corrosion techniques, and compliance with gloves and fabrics. Consumers can select from a wide range of options for surface disinfectants such as liquids, sprays, and wipes.The global disinfectant market will experience stupendous growth avenues in the upcoming years owing to rising need for combating diverse infectious diseases.
Growing Initiatives to Prevent HAIs Drives Market Growth

Patients acquire hospital-acquired infection (HAI) during their hospital stay for treatment.This can be a bacterial and fungaltype of infection, which is one of the key reasons for mortality among patients from worldwide locations.Catheter-associated urinary tract infections, post-operative sepsis, blood stream infections,and pneumonia are some of the most wide spread types of HAIfound in numerous locations all across the world.Thus, rising cases of various HAIs will lead to increased disinfectants use. Thus, the efficacy of these products in disinfectingmedical instruments, and thereby preventing HAIs, will stimulate the growth of the global disinfectant market.

In recent times, the world is witnessing increasedcases of healthcare professionals acquiringinfection when they were treating covid-19 patients.To deal with this critical situation, the management bodies of major hospitals in the world are taking some preventive actions. One of these initiatives is increased use of disinfectants. As a result, there is increase in the demand for disinfectants from healthcare sector. Thus, the global disinfectant market is witnessing stupendous growth avenues.

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Rising Disinfectant Use Signifies Opportunity for Entry of New Players

The global disinfectant market is fairly fragmented in nature. The presence of many local and international players makes the competitive landscape of the market for disinfectant highly intense. Owing to recent COVID-19 epidemic in worldwide locations, the global disinfectant market is experiencing sudden increase in demand. As a result, there is a huge gap in the DSR (demand to supply ratio) of the worldwide market for disinfectant. Many vendors are pouring efforts to strengthen their production capabilities to deal with this critical situation.

Rising COVID-19 epidemic has opened the doors for the entry of new players in the global disinfectant market. Many vendors in the market are chasing diverse strategies such as mergers and acquisitions. Several vendors are growing their investments in research activities. These efforts are helping companies to offer superior quality products. All these factors are fueling the growth of the global disinfectant market.

North America Maintains Prominent Position in Market for Disinfectant

The global disinfectant market is spread across five key regions, namely, Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Of them, North America is one of the prominent regions in this market. Rising cases of covid-19 and tuberculosis is expected to drive the demand for disinfectants in this region. Besides, the global disinfectant market is projected to witness increased demand from Europe. Increased number of older people is one of the key reasons supporting disinfectant market growth in the region.

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