Widening Application of Particle Size Analyzers across Numerous Industries to Boost Its Sales

Particle size analyzers are types of equipment that are intended for estimating shape and size of particles in powder. Particle size analyzers are utilized in the assembling and planning of items in various industries such as refreshments, mining, pharmaceuticals, minerals, and concrete manufacturing, and synthetic substances. In addition, particle analyzers help in the distinguishing proof of properties of moment particles that can’t be resolved physically. Here are some of the

Growing Demand for Advanced Technology in the Graphic Chipsets to Propel Integrated Graphic Chipset Market

Integrated graphic chipsets are consolidated onto motherboard as a part of chipset, or inside a similar segment as CPU, as AMD, APU, or Intel HD Graphics. In some motherboards, integrated graphic chipsets of AMD utilize committed side-port memory, which is a particular fixed square of superior memory, which is utilized by the GPU. Here are some of the factors about integrated graphic chipset market, which might attract investors: Current PCs

Advent of New Technological Application Propels Magnetic Sensors Market

Navigation is the well established application of magnetic sensors. With rising technological advancement, prospects of magnetic sensors have increased at a rapid rate. This has increased applications of magnetic sensors across different verticals. Thanks, to the introduction of new technologies such as IoT and automation. Booming automobile industry is a prominent factor propelling demand of the magnetic sensors. Magnetic sensors are widely used in the manufacture of electric and hybrid

Technological Advancements to Accelerate Growth in Global Network Function Virtualization Market

Increasing demand for networking services is likely to expand the global network function virtualization market. Growing internet penetration, higher use of smart devices including smartphones, tablets, and other devices fueled the need for advanced networking services such as network function virtualization. Moreover, the mobile sector requires more data-intensive applications along with better network capacity to meet customer requirements. This factor will also fuel growth in the global network function virtualization

Advanced Analytics has Gained Huge Attention that will expand Global Self-Service Analytics Market

Significant rise in data generation has encouraged developers to build different analytical tools to analysis unstructured and structured data in detail. Due to the growing use of different analytical tools, the demand for self-service analytics has also increased considerably in the past few years. Advanced analytics has gained huge attention as they support data visualization to communicate insights. It also helps in interpreting historical writing to predict forthcoming opportunities and

Sony’s AI-Puppy Gets Banned in Illinois

Sony recently launched an AI-driven dog in the market. This dog, touted as a ‘companion robot’ faces a ban in Illinois. Sony is prohibited from selling the dog in Illinois due to Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). Sony’s puppy is called Aibo and costs approximately $2900 in other states. It is a companion robot which learns about its environment and builds relationship with people accordingly. Aibo uses an integrated camera

Apple's Video Service Draws Big Stars

Everybody in tech business seems to be running after catchy video content. Apple is no exception. The company announced a subscription-based model, yesterday. As expected, few fans have become as busy as a bee in promoting the new Apple TV+. The details of its pricing are still unavailable. Although the video subscription is not an innovative idea. It has casted its magical spell on some really big Hollywood stars. For

Rising Demand Energy Efficient Solutions to Drive Smart Motors Market

Smart motors market is expected to grow substantially because of factors such as requirement of less on-site and wiring space, and cost reduction, while increasing an overall effectiveness of the equipment. Industrial, commercial, automotive, consumer electronics, and aerospace & defense sectors are chief areas of applications of smart motors. A smart motor is programmable and intelligent system with capability to automatically control the frequency and voltage supply thus alter the

Sports Analytics Market to Expand as International Sports Events Witness Increased Participation

The demand within the global market for sports analytics has been rising due to growing competence across various sports events and tournaments. Sports analytics is a means to give key data to teams and sports persons that can in turn help them in gaining a competitive advantage over competing teams or participants. The rising popularity of several types of sports has paved way for the growth of the global market

Blockchain in Telecom Market to Expand as Investments in Telecom Sector Increase

The demand within the global market for blockchain in telecom has been rising on account of advancements in the telecom industry. Blockchain technology has helped in creating a shared platform for information retrieval in the telecom sector. This is a key reason behind the growth of the global market for blockchain in telecom. The telecom sector consists of a large number of entities at the functional, administrative, and technical levels.