Encryption plays an important role in securing one’s package. However, it adds complexity to the device or service. Moreover, the excessive data consumption is highly impractical on low-end and small devices. This is why Google wants to replace its encryption with a more efficient method – Adiantum. Encryption involves reversible transformation of one block of data into another. Such transformation is complicated as it needs extensive mathematical calculation to constantly


The current customer-relationship management (CRM) systems aide sales professionals store data about existing and prospective clients. The information might be sufficient for them to organize a discussion with the customer. However, it is inadequate to understand what made them crack or spoil the deal., a young company in the CRM space says it has a solution for this. The announcement comes in the backdrop of the startup acquiring US$

Facebook introduces tool for users to know Label behind Ad targeting

Facebook users having woes of compromise of personal information now have a sigh of relief. The social media giant’s initiative of last year to crack down non-consensual ad targeting will finally bear results. Facebook’s plan involves advertisers need to pledge to have permission to upload a user’s personal information. This information is email address, phone number or some other personal information. While the tool for crackdown debuted in June last


In a breakthrough development, neuroscientists have found a focal pathway to induce immediate laughter in the brain. The brain if electrically galvanized causes immediate laughter is the finding of research carried out by neuroscientists at the Emory University School of Medicine. Followed by immediate laughter, the stimulation causes a feeling of calmness and happiness. In order to validate the finding, neuroscientists gave electrical stimulation to the brain of an epilepsy


Imagine it’s a family get together, and you are cherishing those lovely memories of childhood with your cousins. But, there is one who struggles to hear what you say. Doesn’t she deserve to enjoy as much as you are? Certainly. However, when you wonder how you could help her, Google brings the answer to it. The tech giant is launching two Android applications that will convert speech into text and


Among the two internets, one will be leading by China and the other one by the United States. The concept of this fragmented future internet dubbed as “splinternet”, which will run by different services. Furthermore, two separate governments would also regulate this ‘Splinternet’. Although, the unified definition of ‘Splinternet’ is still unclear. However, the Chinese and American apps and services would dominate half of the future internet which is clearly

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition software if stopped from selling to government agencies is cruelty on humanity, says Microsoft President Brad Smith. Microsoft’s top associate shot down calls for the move, so as not to prevent its use to diagnose rare diseases. Earlier, last month, more than 85 human rights groups reached out to tech giants such as Microsoft and Google. The plea demanded companies to stop selling facial recognition technology to governments.


Robots are getting even more close to humans. For decades, science fiction has visualized robots to be self-aware that may soon be reality. Human capabilities to imagine themselves in diverse situations is unique. Their imagination allows them to imagine future situations such as taking a stroll on the beach on a sunny day. They can recall past experiences and reflect upon to learn for the future. Humans and animals, however,


A rail bridge over a river is hitting the 100-year mark, and officials wish to inspect it and understand if it needs repair. What could possibly be the best way to inspect the infrastructure? We are most likely to hear “capturing images using drones”. But, what if the same drones could fly on their own, capture the entire structure, and reconstruct it into 3-D images. Scientists at Lulea University of


A decade ago, organizations invested heavily to refurbish their office spaces. This included infrastructural upgrades and arranging amenities to add convenience to employees. Also, this aimed to improve office spaces and make them aesthetically attractive for clients and visitors. Nevertheless, this changed soon. Organizations sought hi-tech business spaces available on rent or on a co-working space model. The advantage was it saved organizations from hefty upfront investments. However, this changed