Smart Connected Device Market: Fastest Growing Segments Of The IT Industry – Is Poised For Good Growth In The Near Future

It is estimated that over a quarter of the global population will own a smartphone by the end of 2015. By 2016, the number of smartphone users will surpass the 2 billion mark. Soon, more than half of the global mobile users will have a smartphone, meaning that feature phones will soon become a minority and the telecommunications world will transform into a closely connected web of smart mobile devices.

IoT at Workplace Market: To Witness Excellent Revenue Growth, Emerging Trends & Forecast To 2017 – 2025

The increasing focus of key players on the development of the IoT products and the rising trend of wearables are some of the major factors that are estimated to encourage the growth of the global IoT at workplace market in the next few years. The rising focus of the key players on the expansion of the product portfolio is anticipated to enhance the overall growth of the market throughout the

Smart Connected Assets and Operations Market: 2016–2024, New Research Report Analysis, And Forecast 2024

The Internet of Things has become a globally adoptive technological solution which has shown a significant shift from the academic circles to various other industry. This is predominantly, due to the development of cost-effective sensors, affordable connectivity, accessible cloud platforms, effective processing and storage capabilities of large amounts of structured and unstructured data by the big data platforms, abundant mobile applications and smart machine learning tools. Enterprises, nowadays have become

Gaming Laptop Market: Recent Industry Developments and Growth Strategies Adopted by Players

A laptop is a portable computer that can be carried by a user from one place to another. Gaming laptops are similar to regular laptops, but they have higher computing power. They are specifically designed for use in computer video games. Rise in popularity of computer video games across the world, especially among youth and millennial, is enhancing the penetration of video games among general population. This, in turn, is

Cloud Supply Chain Management Market: Trends, outlook and Opportunity Analysis 2025

The expansion in the applications analytics in the worldwide market is for the most part because of the ascent in the exchange of colossal information or IoT, expanding portable and cloud innovation reliance, and surging demand for application examination for applications in business. The utilization of the application examination in the business application has utilized the worldwide market. The growth in the information amount through the channels, for example, IoT,

Smart Toys Market: Projected To Be Driven By Rise In Demand For Internet Of Toys

The global smart toys market is projected to be driven by rise in demand for internet of toys and increasing technology friendly users.The toy industry has adopted high tech advances which helps in the development of kids with the help of educative learning methods through smart toys. Internet of toys refers to a future where toys not only relate to children but are wirelessly connected to each other. Existing toy

Iot In Manufacturing Market: Are Expected To Offer Promising Growth Opportunities For The Market Players

The emergence of advanced data analytics and data processing is anticipated to aid the growth of the global IoT in manufacturing market. Applications of IoT in manufacturing help gain insight into the performance and lifetime asset value of machines, enable greater control over the complex aspects of manufacturing operations, improve quality management and enterprise compliance, improve production yield rates, reduce carrying costs and out-of-stock inventory, accelerate inventory turns, enable predictive

Environment Friendly Products

Production of environment friendly ammonia, gasoline, biodegradable plastics, and biodiesel fuels is no more a far-fetched idea. Utilizing light-powered, carbon dioxide consuming nanobio-hybrid organisms can make this a reality soon. Scientists of the University of Colorado Boulder created a living microbial factories, which can eat and change carbon dioxide into functional products such as biodegradable plastics and gasoline. The technology makes use of light-activated quantum dots, which are capable of

Global Hosted PBX Market to Expand with Increasing Need for Alternate Telecom Technologies

The demand within the global market for hosted PBX has been rising on account of the need to maintain seamless telephonic contact across companies and organisations. PBX, or private branch exchange, is a virtual telephonic system for enterprises that allows them to avoid investing in expensive telecom equipments. It creates a virtual platform that be hosted at the location of the provider while connecting several entities within the enterprise to

Global Embedded AI Computing Platforms Market to Expand as Advanced Electronic Systems gain Popularity

The demand within the global market for embedded AI computing platforms has been rising on account of advancements in the field of digital execution, artificial intelligence, and computing technologies. Artificial intelligence technologies have changed the face of several sectors and industries, and have aided the growth of multiple organisations. Hence, the demand for embedded AI computing platforms has been rising at a stellar rate in recent times. The ability of