Can Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Work Together?


The hype of big data has not been as up as it was a few years back. However, this does not mean that big data has become completely obsolete. If anything, the applications and uses have been on a constant rise. Such a condition would have been quite a problem for the industry a while ago. However, now it is growingly viewed as a necessity, particularly for bigger organizations. It is quite helpful for companies who are implementing and experimenting with the disciplines of AI and machine learning.

With machine learning and artificial intelligence, the existing stores of big data are finding several uses. This is giving companies a chance to experiment and test a wide variety of use cases with multiple data types. There is an abundance of usable data in different forms such as voice, video, and images. Previously, the companies were unaware of using such data types. Also, it was expensive to keep hold of this then redundant data types.

A Mutual Relationship

There is a mutual relationship between artificial intelligence and the big data. The former heavily depends on the latter for success. This also helps the organizations to unlock hidden potential in their data banks. This relationship between big data and artificial intelligence has cut down the complexity and cumbersome nature of data extraction.

Today’s world needs as much data as possible to get actionable insights. This works in two folds. First, intelligent insights help in solving crucial business problems. On the other hand, the more the data put through the machine learning model, the better it gets. It acts as a virtuous cycle.

With the help of artificial intelligence, new models are being created for analyzing the incoming data. AI is now making data analytics a highly efficient process with fewer efforts. And most importantly, these new AI models can help in alleviating the common data problems.

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