Cream Powder Market to Thrive on Increased Prevalence of Lactose Intolerance

Industry Insights

A blend of pasteurized milk and fresh cream is utilized to prepare cream powder, it is then spray dried to produce a naturally rich cream powder. This cream powder contains fat content that ranges from 42% to 60%. In the coming years, the global cream powder market is prophesized to witness considerable growth due to increased demand for various preparations in the food processing industry. Coconut cream powder has emerged as a popular non-dairy solution for people with lactose intolerance, which is likely to work in favor of the global cream powder market. Made from the essence of ripe coconuts, this cream powder has mild flavor of coconut.

Rise in Vegan Population to Positively Influence Expansion of the Market

The cream powder is usually required in the food processing industry for the making of items like baked food products, biscuits, desserts, chocolate, ice creams, and many others. The properties of cream powder such as storage, hassle-free handling, high fat content, flavor, solubility, and ability to disperse well make it ideal for use in several applications. In comparison with fresh cream, this product is a cost-effective option as it diminished the need for refrigeration, has prolonged shelf life, and is easy to store.

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An expansion of the vegan population worldwide due to rising concern for animals as well as the environment, the demand for cream powder is set to witness a rise. Furthermore, shifting consumer preference toward more of dairy alternatives, rising health consciousness, and increased demand for cream powder in the making of whipped cream is estimated to amplify growth opportunities for the global cream powder market.

In addition to that, there has been a rise in the number of people suffering from lactose intolerance, which is generating demand for cream powder. The popular habit of eating out, rise in disposable income of the people together with increased demand for various frozen dessert items and ice-creams is likely to support growth of the global cream powder market in the years to come.

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