Artificial Intelligence

3D Printing

Scientists working at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory created a system for making a painting from single photo. This system allows the art lovers to capture picture and print new copies with the same texture. The system is known as RePaint. The system uses machine learning for recreating every color of painting and prints it using a top-of-the-line 3D printer. The researchers found a better technology to capture


A wise man once said, “Spread Peace, Not war, Heaven will not be far”. The after effects of Second World War had petrified humanity to a level where nations came up to build peace and promised not to declare war on one another; at least not until it is really necessary. However, the silent competition of being the most powerful nation in the world is still continuing, but now in

artificial intelligence

Advent of artificial intelligence have literally changed our view in the world. Artificial Intelligence after its discovery soon found its way in various industries such as healthcare sector, smartphone industries, and automobile industries owing to numerous advantages associated with it which are likely to improve the process. Recently, two early stage artificial intelligence programs are collaborating as it is better two have two heads involved while dealing with artificial intelligence.

Gene Editing

The invention and usage of machines into the daily human life has begun years back. With time, the levels got upgraded from a tractor to a vacuum cleaner and so on. The new age of machines is the age of machines with brains of their own. Commonly known as artificial intelligence, it has started to impress humanity with its quick robotic techniques and perfect accuracy. The entry of artificial intelligence


With agile deep-pocketed players betting big on it, smart televisions have become mainstream. The result, more evolved versions underpinned by the latest-cutting edge technologies being rolled out every now and then. One such to hit the market recently is by LG. Powered by artificial intelligence, it has created quite a stir with its best-in-class display, digital assistants, and other functionalities and features. It must be noted that almost all of