Women Stay Mentally Sharp as their Brains Appear Three Years Younger than Men

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Time has a different impact on men’s and women’s brains. The metabolism of brain slows with the growing age, and this differs between women and men. Brain tends to shrink when people grow older, but men’s brains diminishing rate is faster than women’s.

Washington University School of Medicine has found that women’s brains tend to stay younger about three years than men’s. Furthermore, the findings also explain that such difference between men and women brains is noticeable in the same chronological age. Considering brain metabolism process in men and women, scientists further predict women would maintain their cognitive skills longer than men. Moreover, they also assumed that women would likely to stay more mentally sharp than men in later years.

Brain Ages Average of 3.8 Years Younger than Women’s Chronological Ages

Manu Goyal, assistant professor at Mallinckrodt University said that this new study would help them to understand brain’s aging process. He also asserted that this findings open doors to understand more about various sex-related brain influencing factors. Therefore, it would be easier for the scientists to know further about brain’s vulnerability toward neurodegenerative diseases.

Human brains run on the basis of sugar, but the capability of brains using sugar alters with the growing age. Children use their brain fuel in aerobic glycolysis process which helps their brains to develop and mature. However, people in their 60s use very low amounts of brain sugar which stops their brains from further developing.

Researchers are focusing more on understanding the difference of brain metabolism process in men and women. They are carrying out their experiment on 205 people for figuring out brains’ activity in using sugar.

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