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Innovative Products to Garner Demand in Soft Drinks Packaging Market

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Soft drinks are among the common beverages across the world. In the past few years, the demand for soft drinks has shot up significantly, owing to various factors. On the other hand, the market is also undergoing transition in terms of innovation. Technology has played a major role in revolutionizing the soft drinks market. These factors have collectively boosted demand in the global soft drinks packaging market.

Looking at the positive trends, the market is expected to have a promising future. Besides innovative products, there are other aspects that fuel growth in the global soft drinks packaging market too.

What calls for variety in soft drinks packaging materials?

The largest consumer of soft drinks across the globe is youth. Traditional packages might not attract the young user base. Hence, many soft drinks manufacturers are introducing innovative packaging for their products. That is why many companies in the global soft drinks packaging market are thriving.

Several new materials are being used to pack soft drinks. Plastic and glass bottles are common, but soft drinks are also now available in metal cans and tetra packs. Furthermore, companies also want to cater to different quantity requirements, thus increasing demand in the global soft drinks packaging market.

What drives demand for paper-based packaging materials?

The harmful effect of plastic on environment has been widely spoken about. This has forced several soft drink manufacturers to consider alternative packaging materials. Paper-based materials gain advantage due to their organic nature of parent resources and  ability to get recycled with ease. This has spurred demand for paper-based materials in the global soft drinks packaging market.

Another advantage of paper-based packaging materials in the ease of printing. Branding is key for companies today to increase their market presence, thus boost sales. The ability to print their logos and other product details easily on paper-based materials adds to the benefits. These critical factors will drive the demand in the global soft drinks packaging market.

What factors could impede growth in the global soft drinks packaging market?

While the consumption of soft drinks is rising across the globe, healthcare experts are raising concerns over health consequences caused due to over-consumption of these beverages. The high level of sugar content is a concern, coupled with unhealthy calorie content.

Looking at these aspects, soft drinks manufacturers are working on introducing sugar-free and diet products. Further, companies are shifting from flavored drinks to fruit-based drinks, making the products healthy. They also add benefits for local farmers. Such aspects are expected to push growth in the global soft drinks packaging market.

Which are the regions likely to drive demand in the coming years?

Among several prominent regions, North America and Asia Pacific are expected to hold the highest momentum in the global soft drinks packaging market. The consistent demand for soft drinks especially among fast food outlets in North America will maintain growth in the region. The rising popularity of fast foods, and rapid growth of youth population will foster growth in Asia Pacific regions. Besides this,an increasing per capita income in the developing economies will also push demand in the global soft drinks packaging market.

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