21st Generation Brings Forth New Invention – Smart Garments

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Time and tide waits for none. With time, the age old generation has made way not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of technology. 21st century has opened up new gates of invention and discovery and will continue to do so. At present, “SMART” is the new trend. Starting from smart phones, to smart gadgets and now smart homes. The famous “home sweet home” has now changed into “home smart home” and there hare yet, more versions of SMART to come. Right now the latest trend is the smart clothes. 

Biosensors Used in Smart Garments to Control Body Temperature as per Wearer’s Needs

Smart clothes are already high on trend as they not only cool down, heat up, change size but even color of the apparels. As a matter of fact, Ralph Lauren made self-heating jackets and it was worn by the U.S. team at the Winter Olympics. Researchers have developed the fabrics in such a way that they are susceptible to monitor health in real time. These garments are self-powered and are stitched specially in a way that they can adjust to perfect size of the person wearing it and keep track of their body temperature and maintain the heat or cool accordingly. However, factors that are still a cause of concern and may take some time for further research and invention is the lack of power supply that is long lasting and lightweight of the garments.

Smart Shoes yet to Sensationalize Future Market for Clothing Brands

University of Massachusetts Amherst, researchers are developing methods in order to invent a charge-storing system that can be integrated easily into any kind of garment. Most wearable, flexible, and ingestible technology. The device however, is still not as per expectations and handy and comes in a larger, heavier, and rigid. Currently, scientists are using the method where a micro-super capacitor is used and combined with vapor-coated conductive threads with a polymer film. The scientists are now focusing on discovering new ways and means to incorporate the new embroidered charge-storage with low-power microprocessors and e-textile sensors in order to make smart garments that will be able to monitor the wearer’s joint and gait movements all through a normal day. On the other hand, companies like Under Armour, Nike, Microsoft and Google are all investing funds in order to put the smart technology into shoes as well. Time is bringing us more close to the new evolution of technology. Looking forward to the day where we will be more surrounded by technology rather than nature.

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