A British Startup Promises New Wings for Transport Sector

Faradir, a British startup plans to launch a bio electric hybrid aircraft by 2025. The proposed plane promises to reduce travel time, noise, and improve take-off capabilities. The plane will transport passengers as well as cargo. The plane will embed advanced triple Box-Wing technology, which delivers high-lift configuration, reducing take-off times considerably. Additionally, the system also improves landing. The initial reports about the plane suggest that it could require as

Alibaba Explores Augmented Reality

Earlier this week, Alibaba announced the acquisition of Infinity, an Israel-based augmented reality startup. The details of the deal are unavailable. Alibaba worked closely with Infinity in various areas including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and computer vision since 2016. So, this acquisition marks a little change in their synergy. However, it signals Alibaba’s desire to capture the often elusive frontier of innovation. In 2013, Alibaba invested in Magic Leap and

Industrial Robotics Market to Expand as Automation Technologies Gather Momentum

The demand within the global industrial robotics market has been rising on account of the need for improved maneuvering of processes within the industrial sector. Advancements in automation technologies have played a pivotal role in the growth of the global industrial robotics market. The development of sound, agile, and dexterous robotic technologies has been a key consideration for the automation industry. Several new robots that are capable of performing industrial

Increasing International Trade to Expand Growth for Paper and Paperboard Packaging Market

Globalization has significantly increased international trade and exchange of goods. Increasing trade has fueled demand for paper and paperboard packaging, especially for packaging consumer products. Application of paper and paperboard packaging is seen in food and beverages, personal care, education and stationery, and freight and carrier, and healthcare sector. Moreover, increasing demand for packaged food products has also increased demand in the global paper and paperboard packaging market.  Food products

New Monitoring System warns imminent repairs in small Electric Devices

Researchers at MIT devise a new monitoring system for electric devices within a factory, ship, or building. The system performs round the clock monitoring of electric devices that are in use. If desired parameters not satisfied, it signals for imminent repairs. To validate, the monitoring system tested on a Coast Guard cutter for its functioning. As a result, the system pointed out a motor with burnt-out wiring. If missed, the

Bio-Fuel Research Promises New Wings for Aviation

Bio-fuels have made plenty of buzz recently. A new research promises to go a step further and bring down fuel costs for aviation considerably. Currently, a current barrel of gasoline costs as little as $2.50 per gallon. On the other hand, modest estimates of bio-fuel is as high as $16 per gallon. Hence, currently it is impossible for the aviation to industry to bring down their emissions. To make matters

Not Precious Pure Water, Researchers split Seawater for hydrogen

Splitting water to obtain oxygen and hydrogen serves to use hydrogen as an alternative fuel. The process, however, requires purified water which is a precious resource and the method costly as well. In a new development, seawater – Earth’s most abundant source used to split into hydrogen and oxygen. A team of researchers at Stanford University used electrodes, solar power, and saltwater from San Francisco Bay to split water. This,

Increasing Environmental Concerns to Fuel Reusable Water Bottles Market

The global reusable water bottles market is showing unfaltering development over the past few years as buyers are progressively preferring reusable water bottles instead of single-use bottles. Reusable water bottles that are made of glass, metal, silicone, or polymer offer high strength and quality that one-time use water bottles need. Product makers are trying to present novel items that serve buyer demand and preferences. The developing awareness to diminish plastic

Spanish ride-hailing Service Cabify resumes Operations in Barcelona

The period of non-operations of service was not long. After a hiatus of one month, the Spanish ride-hailing service Cabify resumes operations in Catalonia. The brouhaha for the Spanish ride-hailing company Cabify to stop service in Barcelona did not last long. The period of disruption of service was due to incoming changes in rules for hiring private vehicles in Catalonia. If it came into effect, the move would drive the


Have you purchased any android app lately? If you have, you are a special one. Most android users seem reluctant to pay for apps. So, Google has come up with a new strategy to make users pay for apps. Today, Google has introduced “Rewarded Products, a new option for android app developers to make revenues. Rewarded products will offer video ads to users in exchange for their time. On completion