With Brexit Looming, Irish Companies Consider Establishing UK Base

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As challenges presented by Brexit continue to grow with each passing day, a rising number of Irish companies are considering establishing their operations in the UK. This move would allow the companies to be in what is presently the most important export market for Ireland and place them in a position much better to act upon any new tariff and trade barriers that may arise after March 2019. For this, Liverpool has gained the most amount of popularity among Irish companies, thanks to the several attractions that the city offers to companies willing to locate there.

The city is located at the heart of the largest city regions of the UK outside of London, making it reachable to nearly seven million people in the matter of an hour of drive. Moreover, Liverpool is at the distance of a two-hour or less drive for nearly 15 million people, which is three times the entire population of Ireland; Liverpool is also reachable for the entire UK. Liverpool houses 13 universities and over 213,000 students.

Connectivity from Liverpool to other major cities in the UK is also excellent, thanks to regular trains and flights operating incessantly between the two countries and from Liverpool to other cities in UK. While there have always been strong ties between Ireland and Liverpool, the looming Brexit has made the recognition of the importance of trading ties between Ireland and the UK more prominent. Ireland accounts for nearly 10% of the overall exports of the UK and the numbers have continuously increased over the years.

The scenario has made Liverpool more prominent on the global investment map. The city has undergone vast transformations in the past decade and the interest of international as well as London-based investors has significantly increased. It is estimated that the quality of life and easy access to a highly talented resource pool will continue to add to the prominence of Liverpool, making it the most favored destination by Irish companies.

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