Smart Grid Communication Technologies Market

Smart grid communication technologies are now rapidly becoming the most trusted way of handling power transmission. A communication system is the core of any smart-grid infrastructure. It transmits real-time information between the supply and delivery points. Due to such high-end applications, the global smart grid communication technologies market is expected to see significant growth in the coming years. Smart grid communications can easily handle the distribution related problems that are

Industrial Energy Efficient Services Market

The industrial sector has been feeling the pressure to adopt measures to enhance the overall energy efficiency of the internal operations and process. This pressure is also more due to the considerable rise in the strict regulations and guidelines issued in terms decarbonization, air pollution, and energy security. Nations across the world are trying to set up investigatory, advisory, and disciplinary panel to make sure that there are strict energy


Marine propulsion is a system used to create required thrust to move a boat or a ship across the water stream. In hybrid and full electric marine propulsion systems, mainly battery packs are used. Hybrid marine vessels utilize both battery and alternate fuels such as LNG and diesel as well. Whereas, in full electric marine vessels propulsion is achieved with the help of rechargeable battery packs. Among the different types of

paper bottles

Paper bottle technology is all set to take packaging industry to new heights. With rising concerns regarding environmental pollution and various measures taken to curb it, paper bottles have emerged as a helpful innovation. It is made of natural products such as sugarcane, wheat straw, bulrush, husk, and bamboo. These are completely biodegradable products and pose no threat to the environment. This is seen as a major change and an

Smart Water Management Systems To Tackle Scarcity

Experts, policy makers, and layman, everyone has discussed climate change and the consequences of human inaction. Humans are largely responsible for most of the climatic change these days. In another hundred years, we will wipe out more than half of the rain forests. As a result, the future generations will have to fight for clean water and air. It is high time that humans swiftly initiate action and make earth

Will AI Inundate Our Lives in the Future?

The impact of phone-based augmented reality (AR) is evident on YouTube, Snapchat, and significantly on Pokémon Go. Although virtual reality (VR) has become a niche in gaming, films, and arcades, augmented reality remains a rare sight. However, when we look from here, the future is full of augmented reality. The most interesting fact about AR is that it is the most exciting among all these technologies. Also, at the same

Viscose Staple Fiber Market is Mainly Driven by the Rising Demand for Apparels and Clothing

The use of viscose staple fiber is growing at a steady pace over the years. The effects of globalization has led to substantial trade of viscose spun yarns. India, Thailand, and Indonesia are the important exporters of viscose staple fiber. China, India, Western Europe, and Indonesia have the highest consumption of viscose staple fiber followed by countries such as Taiwan, the U.S., Japan, Turkey, Korea, and Thailand. Viscose staple fibers

Business Analytics Market- The Need To Maintain Seamless Growth Across The Business Sector

Global Business Analytics Market: Overview The demand within the global market for business analytics has been rising due to fundamental changes in the global business landscape. The past decade has been an era of corporate advancements and business disruptions which has brought business analytics under the spotlight of attention. Moreover, the need to maintain seamless growth across the business sector has also given an impetus to the growth of the

Newly Invented Sensor to Assist in Effective Combating of Terrorism

It is now easy to detect explosives like TNT and DNT in real-time, thanks to a newly invented portable and compact sensor. This device will now better monitor public spaces to combat terrorism. Nitroaromatic explosives, such as TNP, TNT, and DNT present a severe threat to military and civilian security. Chemicals such as TNP, TNT, and DNT are also known to be toxic in nature, which also results in environmental

New Hybrid Technology Transforms Residential Solar PV Systems

More people are now opting for sustainable lifestyle amidst rising concern for environment. Sustainable environment needs a change in way of life with eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for our day-to-day consumption. Led by Professor Dmitri Vinnikov, TalTech Power Electronics Research Group has been working to enhance the efficiency of units of alternative energy generation for over a decade. Optiverter to Bring Down the Cost for Consumers Professor Vinnikov said that in