First Australian Data Centre with Carbon Neutral Operations

Partnering with Qantas, NEXTDC plans to source carbon-offset recognition from Qantas Future Planet to meet NCOS-requirements. The 12-year-old Qantas Future Planet is the world’s largest airline carbon reduction program. It supports a number of carbon-offset projects such as fire management project in North Kimberley. Additionally, Rainforest societies in Papua New Guinea are working in the Tasmanian wilderness with the support of Qantas Future Planet. Further, NEXTDC is looking to make

Smart Home

Buying smart home gadgets and setting up those products is not at all challenging in this technological era. There are ample of smart home gadgets available in e-commerce sites which are a few clicks away to own. However, the giant retailers are going through difficulties in selling those smart home gadgets individually. Thus, Amazon stepped forward to cater this problem through their vertically integrated offering. Nowadays, exposing a smart home


Mostly, when businesses initially explore the potential of new technology, the tendency is to find how it fits in their current ecosystem. They often miss to understand its deep implications. If asked what businesses expect from new technology, faster horses they would say – which goes with the quote attributed to Henry Ford. Generally, as observed, businesses start using new technology to revamp processes that they do not need to.

A New Approach Required To Handle Conflicts over Drug Prescription

Leaving infectious diseases untreated is encouraging usage of the antibiotics. Additionally, poor regulations for antibiotic supply hamper efforts for reducing usage of antibiotics mainly in developing countries. The study in Trials suggests these findings from a research by a team at the University of Warwick. Dr. Marco J Haenssgen demonstrates the impacts of contextual factors on clinical trials. The study suggests that factors such as health policies have an impact

Google Map

Google maps helps in the navigation. Such app by Google eases out pedestrians’ navigation process. In 2018 IO developer conference, Google has announced that they were working on a new feature for their navigation app. Furthermore, the tech giant has also declared that the new feature would incorporate AR, AI, and also users’ phone’s cameras. However, Google is highly optimistic about integrating technologies into their navigation app to help the


Artificial Intelligence (AI), though presently latent, is signaling to disrupt the job market across industries. The inroad it is making heralds to eat into careers as varied as advertising, accountancy, news reporting, and more. Its mainstreaming may lead to major loss of jobs in an economy. However, some industries are contending to receive assistance from AI for a wholly positive impact. Healthcare is one poised to leap exponentially with the


Encryption plays an important role in securing one’s package. However, it adds complexity to the device or service. Moreover, the excessive data consumption is highly impractical on low-end and small devices. This is why Google wants to replace its encryption with a more efficient method – Adiantum. Encryption involves reversible transformation of one block of data into another. Such transformation is complicated as it needs extensive mathematical calculation to constantly


Researchers at Northumbria University have come up with a new finding pertaining to the Sun’s magnetic waves. The findings published in the latest issue of Nature Astronomy – a prominent science journal. The finding is on the basis of a 10-year study by researchers at the University’s Department of Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and Physics. The finding says magnetic waves in the corona of the Sun respond to sound waves that


Scientists discovered a fabric from synthetic material initiated by humidity and temperature. It has a nano-tube coating and releases energy in humid conditions, by locking it when the surroundings are dry and cool. Researchers at University of Maryland have developed a fabric which automatically controls the heat amount which goes through it. When the surroundings are humid and warm, for example, around the sweating bodies. In this case, it lets


The current customer-relationship management (CRM) systems aide sales professionals store data about existing and prospective clients. The information might be sufficient for them to organize a discussion with the customer. However, it is inadequate to understand what made them crack or spoil the deal. Gong.io, a young company in the CRM space says it has a solution for this. The announcement comes in the backdrop of the startup acquiring US$