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Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) Market  Expected to Reach US$ 1,486.0 Mn by 2026

According to a new market report Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) Market, published by Transparency Market Research, the global Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) Market is expected to reach US$ 1,486.0 Mn by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 8.8% from 2018 to 2026. According to the report, the global market will continue to be influenced by a range of macroeconomic and industry-specific factors. North America will continue to be at the forefront

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Market: Rising Support from Government to Drive Industrial Internet of Things Market

The global market for industrial Internet of Things is fragmented in nature with a high level of competition among the prominent players over the next few years, states a research study by TMR. The development of new products and technological advancements in the field are predicted to offer growth opportunities for the market players in the next few years. The increasing number of strategic partnerships and collaborations is likely to encourage the

Integration of Software and AI Set to Automate Automation in Manufacturing

Bright Machines has started realizing its dream of integrating artificial intelligence and software into every step of the manufacturing cycle following the launch of Bright Machines micro-factories. These Bright Machines micro-factories amalgamate adaptive robotics, machine learning, software, and computer vision into an automation platform. This results in an improvement in the procedure of product inspection and assembly. These phases comprise most of the manual work in production lines. Microfactories take

eDiscovery Market - Increasing Demand for IT Infrastructure in Emerging Economies to Benefit Market Growth | Generation of ESI in Massive Volumes on Daily Basis to Fuel Demand

The global eDiscovery market demonstrates a highly consolidated business landscape, led by HP Autonomy, Guidance Software Inc., and IBM Corp., notes a new research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR). In 2014, these players acquired nearly 40% of the overall market and the scenario is expected to remain almost same over the next few years. The main focus of these players is on introducing technologically advanced solutions in the global market in

Software as a Service (SaaS) Market - Changing Methods of Communication and Data Handling Gives Global SaaS Market a Fillip

Transparency Market Research (TMR) states that the competitive landscape in the global Software as a Service (SaaS) Market is likely to be significantly fragmented due to large number of players. Some of the key players in the global market are Oracle Corp., Inc., and ADP Inc. The wide range of products of these companies, excellent business and marketing strategies, and seamless services are expected to fuel the growth of the global

Electric Mobility for Smarter Cities: The Future of Energy

Electric mobility refers to all vehicles that are powered by an electric motor or those that receive power or energy primarily from the power grid. Electric mobility includes all electric vehicles, which include battery operated electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles. Electric mobility is majorly a low or zero-emission vehicle, which contributes significantly toward a greener environment through reduction in carbon emission. Obtain Report Details @

Brain-Melting 3D Audio Illusion!! "The Next Big Step For Virtual Reality "​

According to a new market report pertaining to the 3D audio market, published by Transparency Market Research, the global 3D audio market is expected to reach US$ 14,498.0 Mn by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 16.6% from 2018 to 2026. According to the report, the global market will continue to be influenced by a range of macroeconomic and industry-specific factors. Asia Pacific will continue to be at the forefront of global

Smart Sensors Enable Industry 4.0 | Rising Demand for IoT to Propel Demand for Smart Sensors Market

Sensors have emerged as a standout amongst the most significant and broadly utilized segments in different applications. The surging demand for efficiency and performance has prompted the popularity of smart sensors. These sensors depict a noteworthy advancement over the traditional sensors, as they empower the automatically generated information about the environment, with fundamentally lower mistake rate. The rising use and emergence of internet of things (IoT), combined with expanding automation

IoT Technology to Revolutionize Agriculture in Brazil

Cellular IoT chipset by Altair Semiconductor, also called ALT1250, now offers LTE Connectivity for a group of inter-connected farming solutions in Brazil. Farmers and agricultural workers are adopting IoT technology and joining the revolution. Further, IoT technology is linking millions of acres of land to a global cellular network. Altair Semiconductor, a prominent developer of high-performance single mode LTE chipsets, recently declared that ALT1250 dual mode CAT-M/NB-IoT chipset would now

Liquid Crystal Tunable Filters Market: Smart-sized Devices - The Harbinger of Growth

In an era where a majority of innovations are directed towards enhancing machine ingenuity, evolution is being passed from a small nut to industrial equipment. Multimodal applications of machine visions, ranging from robotic guidance, process control, to automated inspection, continuously require an eye for precision. The convergence of spectral imaging systems and the biomedicine industry will further unlock lucrative avenues for liquid crystal tunable filters, given the increasing resonance of