5G Technology to Give Robots the Human Touch


What do movies like Transformers, I, Robot, Wall-E, Terminator have in common? All of these are science fiction movies and are based on robots who act independently. However, are these storylines really implausible? It has been a far-fetched reality until now, but with 5G technology making its foray, the field of robotics will evolve.

The next-generation mobile internet connectivity is 5G technology and it is many times faster than its predecessor, 4G technology. It comes with more bandwidth and reliability and that’s enough to transform robotics.

Cloud Powered AI will enable Robots to Act Independently 

Developers of robots struggle with latency issues. If robots take long time to receive inputs and process then calculation and execution of movement takes equally long time. This limits the potential of the robot, substantially.

Till now, one could operate robots with tethered wired connection to receive huge amount of data. However, it is all about to change with the advent of 5G technology now.

What is more exhilarating is its reliability, low-latency, high-bandwidth mobile networking. This will enable businesses to introduce cloud-powered AI to the whole equation. A robot that is connected to the cloud through 5G technology can utilize machine learning. As a result, it can figure out the best way to navigate its environment and perform tasks independently.

Robots with 5G technology will find application in medicine, specifically in remote surgeries; on factory floors and in agriculture.

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