Manufacturing Intelligence to Optimize Factory Operations

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Is Manufacturing a Completely Digital Sector?

Digitization has touched and transformed almost every aspect of our life. Be it our day-to-day activities at home or in office. After staying away for quite some time, manufacturing sector too has embraced digital technology. Manufacturing sector is undergoing a digital revolution. The sector has reached its tipping point with technologies stimulating Industry 4.0. The sector has Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cloud at the forefront.

Manufacturing Intelligence has now become an integral part of Industry 4.0. To put into simply words, manufacturing intelligence is the software system that combines manufacturing operations data for further analysis. These systems rely on big data analytics derived from IIoT and other technologies. Manufacturing intelligence gauges the productivity of both the machines that are operating on the factory floor and humans who are working there. Furthermore, one may add business intelligence with manufacturing intelligence to add more value to the enterprise. Manufacturing intelligence, however, by itself is an independent discipline of insight into manufacturing operations that makes use of information technology tools.

Production is the focal point of any manufacturing activity. Further, it ensures all machines on the factory floor are fully functional and products specifications are not hampered. Each of the machines generates data on production. However, this data sitting in silos results in no use. Manufacturing intelligence can monitor the infrastructure of the entire floor, know which of the machines are not functioning or producing to the exact specificity through data analytics.

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