Machine Learning

Water Grooves to the Tune of Machine Learning

A new study has managed to accurately represent water’s movement. The U.S Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory conducted this experiment. The researchers used a machine learning model to derive characteristics of water using mathematical precision. The team utilized extensive data at their disposal to uncover a highly accurate model. According to Subramanian Sankaranaryanan, an Argonne nanoscientists, the water model proved to be a challenge. There are more than 50

Information Theory is Changing Machine Learning Concepts

Researchers have put forward a contradictory idea to the widely accepted working of machine learning. The scientists from MIT and University of Wellington applied the algorithm to typical classification examples. According to information theory, deep neural networks store encoded information within layers. Initial layers hold a signal to the classification of the item. In neural networks, intermediate layers hold information, which helps in the mapping of data. Raw data transforms

Amazon Launches Machine Learning Product in Healthcare

Machine learning’s potential to transform functioning of the healthcare sector has resulted in big tech companies betting big on it. Take for example Amazon’s new service. It leverages machine learning to glean crucial data from patient records. It can also enable healthcare providers and researchers to lower costs and take informed decisions on treatment. Further, it can help manage clinical trials as well. Various Advantages of Products The latest product