Trailblazing Innovations in Intelligent Virtual Assistants are Grabbing People’s Attentions


Chatbots and virtual assistants are popping on almost all website landing pages to help people find the things they want and need. Mobile apps like Blinkit — an Indian instant delivery service and Zomato, which caters to food delivery, dining & restaurant discovery service, is making prolific use of chatbots.

Despite the hype, these chatbots and virtual assistants lack human-like experiences. Hence, companies like Pegasystems Inc. (PEGA) — an American software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is offering its Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant, which easily turns applications into smart assistants on any channel such as writing an email to Facebook, SMS and for making helpful suggestions to website visitors.

Intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) are being deployed in speech to text and text to speech technologies. The Speechnotes app on Google Play and Google Cloud’s automatic speech recognition based on powerful machine learning (ML) models are grabbing the attention of users.

Virtual assistants are making artificial intelligence (AI) & ML more and more common amongst people, Google Maps being one of the most useful apps for everyday location sharing, destination arrival and satellite imagery amongst other features.

Virtual assistant technology for disabled people is still an untapped opportunity for tech giants. Despite challenges like the digital divide between younger and the older generation, Amazon is making some improvements in this sphere by introducing Amazon Echo with Alexa which is integrated with AI to control a multitude of household smart devices.

Intelligent virtual assistants hold promising potentials to revolutionize self-driving automobiles that are becoming a luxury with Tesla, as it makes use of sensors, cameras and AI to get people to their destination.

IT companies are bullish on AI and ML-powered software that allows customers to quickly find relevant information or complete tasks based on individual user information.

Thus, intelligent virtual assistants are entering almost all end markets, attributing to its advantages for all age groups.


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