Drone Pioneering Aerial Deliveries in Healthcare Industry

Few years ago, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pointed out the role of drones in delivering consumer goods. As drones become integral part of delivery food and consumer goods, other sectors are exploring their usage too. As a result, now healthcare startups are probing the idea of using drones to deliver medical products. These start-ups are making commendable progress in their efforts to tap $70 bn dollar global market of healthcare


Artificial Intelligence (AI), though presently latent, is signaling to disrupt the job market across industries. The inroad it is making heralds to eat into careers as varied as advertising, accountancy, news reporting, and more. Its mainstreaming may lead to major loss of jobs in an economy. However, some industries are contending to receive assistance from AI for a wholly positive impact. Healthcare is one poised to leap exponentially with the


As per a new research, mosquito-borne virus causing Rift Valley fever can have highly damaging effects on human fetuses. This can happen if the pregnant women by any chance contract the virus. The group of researchers, who made the discovery, carried out their experiments using infected rats and human fetal tissues. Those helped them uncover how the virus affects the placenta. And it turned out that those were even more

Virtual Reality

Over the past two years, the applications of virtual reality (VR) in healthcare has witnessed an explosion. At present, the technology is in the nascent stage before patients use it. So far, the medical use of VR has been mainly for education. In 2017, Royal London Hospital’s virtual surgery project involved the use of virtual reality. This involved surgeons in different geographical locations to perform operations together for experiential training.


Silicon Valley has spent US$3.5 trillion on the healthcare industry. In 2018, the investors from the Bay Area and Boston have poured billions of dollars for the improvement of healthcare. Also, they are investing in many start-ups, which may help improve access to healthcare. The trend of using virtual care solutions, medication management apps and tools, and wearables is growing from past few years. Uptake of these systems allows physicians

Amazon Launches Machine Learning Product in Healthcare

Machine learning’s potential to transform functioning of the healthcare sector has resulted in big tech companies betting big on it. Take for example Amazon’s new service. It leverages machine learning to glean crucial data from patient records. It can also enable healthcare providers and researchers to lower costs and take informed decisions on treatment. Further, it can help manage clinical trials as well. Various Advantages of Products The latest product