Electronic Medical Records Market to Grow On the Back of Increasing Penetration of Digitalization in Healthcare Industry


Electronic health records is software application that is used for the collection and storage of patient information electronically. In simple words, it is a digital version of the traditional paper-based medical record for an individual.

Rise in number of chronic disorder, rising geriatric population and improving healthcare infrastructure are some of the prominent factors expected to drive the global electronic medical market in the coming few year.

Likewise, we have mentioned several other factors which are expected to play a vital role in the growth of the global electronic medical records market. We have mentioned a few of them below, have a look-

Increasing integration of electronic medical record with other devices used to facilitate the healthcare sector is a major factor expected to drive the growth of the electronic medical records market. This is mainly because these advanced utilities help in efficient monitoring and treatment of the patient.

In addition to this, such application store data for a longer time duration thus it is becoming easier for the doctor to examine the series of treatment and medication given to the patient.

However, despite several drivers growth in the electronic medical records market is likely to hamper during to the factors such as high costs, reluctance of medical staff to leave their traditional process and foremost compromised data privacy of the patients are expected to hamper the growth of the electronic medical records market in the coming few years.

Nevertheless, increasing penetration of digitalization in the life of the people is a prominent factor expected to offer several lucrative avenues for the growth of the global electronic medical records market.

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Moreover, increasing governmental initiatives to encourage physicians to adopt electronic health records, and rising investment by the healthcare leaders to training their staff and establishing regional extension centres to provide technical and other advices are expected to fuel the electronic medical reords market.

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