Global Dairy Herd Management Market is Driven by Rising Demand for Dairy Products


The global dairy herd management market will see substantial growth during the period of forecast, thanks to the rising demand of dairy products worldwide. The dairy herd management program manages dairy farms to increase productivity and quality of the product, thereby escalating its demand in times to come.

Automated dairy herd management program offers cost effective solutions at the back of rising labor cost, which is likely to propel the growth of the market during forecast period. The global dairy herd management market gains momentum from substantial replacement of manual and traditional techniques of herd management.

Demand from Large-scale and Small-scale Dairy Firms Propel Market Growth

There has been a rise in the production of milk worldwide. According to the report of International Farm Comparison Network, nearly 876 million tones of milk are produced across the globe. India, European Union, and Oceania are the leading producers of milk worldwide. Expanding population in nations like China and India are bolstering the demand for milk and milk-based products, thereby offering substantial growth opportunities for the market during the period of assessment. Rise in adoption of advanced software to streamline processes is supporting the growth of the global dairy herd management market.

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During the process of calving and pregnancy, dairy herd management offers many benefits thereby accelerating demand in the market. On the other hand, the adoption rate of dairy herd management is low in many of the developing countries and this will restrain the growth of the market during the period of assessment. In addition to that, strict government rules and trade barriers is likely to restrain growth of the global dairy herd management market during review period.

Calf management, animal comfort, heat stress management, reproduction management, and milk harvesting are some of the applications where dairy herd management finds ample use. Cooperative dairy firms, large and small-scale dairy firms are the major end-use industries for the dairy herd management system.

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