Deploying Net-zero Technologies can Reduce Carbon Footprint, say energy experts

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The EU envisages to be climate neutral by 2050. The European Greed Deal and a tax on carbon emissions are the ways by which this is aimed to attain. Research scientists at Fraunhofer are helping businesses on net-zero technologies to attain such goals. The technologies work by improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions significantly.

In fact, environmental tax in place for carbon emissions is intended to bring in this transition and for the EU to become climate neutral latest by 2050.

In order to attain this, net-zero technologies can be an important instrument. The technology works by means of establishing net-zero energy production and consumption cycle. This implies it not only conserves electricity but also produces the energy required that too possibly independently.

The phenomenon is interesting not only for manufacturers. Establishments with high energy consumption such as data centers can benefit from zero technologies. Besides reducing carbon emissions, businesses today are striving to become self-sufficient because of being able of freeing themselves from electricity conditions of the market. And businesses that have deployed net-zero technologies can ultimately move closer to their goals and aspirations of sustainable operations.

Meanwhile, research scientists at the Factory Operation and Automation IFF, Fraunhofer Institute are assisting businesses with this. The work on integration of net-zero technologies is going on for years now. The assistance of researchers for businesses will continue to grow in the future.

Importantly, at the moment, efforts to improve the energy efficiency by more than ten percent with the help of researchers is underway, stated one of the experts at Fraunhofer.

In order to undertake this, specialists at the research institute assessed many factors besides energy footprint of businesses. This includes their capability to generate electricity from renewable sources or expediency of energy storage systems.

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