Crotonaldehyde Market Development History, Current Analysis and Estimated Forecast to 2026


Global Crotonaldehyde Market: Introduction

Crotonaldehyde is an organic chemical compound with molecular formula CH3CH=CHCHO. It is also known as 2-Butenal or 3-Methylacrolein. The compound is usually sold as a mixture of the E- and Z-isomers, which differ with respect to the relative position of the methyl and formyl groups. Crotonaldehyde is soluble in water and miscible in organic solvents. Crotonaldehyde is a versatile intermediate used in organic synthesis. Crotonaldehyde is an unsaturated aldehyde and a colorless to pale yellow liquid produced by aldol condensation of acetaldehyde. Moreover, crotonaldehyde is a highly reactive and strong reducing agent characterized by pungent odor and lachrymatory effect. Crotonaldehyde is an effective precursor to numerous fine chemicals such as sorbic acid and crotonic acid.

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At room temperature, crotonaldehyde is extremely flammable and it produces toxic vapors. Crotonaldehyde can be found naturally in emissions of specific volcanoes. It is also found in foods in small quantities. It is used in the preparation of pesticides and surfactants. Crotonaldehyde is employed in the prevention of leaks in pipes, leather tanning, and as a glue-solvent for polyvinylchloride polymers. Use of crotonaldehyde in a variety of applications can be attributed to presence of a double bond and an aldehyde functional group in it. Crotonaldehyde is employed in a variety of foodstuffs such as soybean oils and palm oils. On the flip side, overexposure to crotonaldehyde causes several health hazards. This may act as a restraint of the global crotonaldehyde market during the forecast period. 

Global Crotonaldehyde Market: Segmentation

The global crotonaldehyde market can be segmented based on form, application, and region. In terms of form, the crotonaldehyde market can be classified into liquid form and powder form. The liquid form segment is projected to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period. With increasing demand for organic food, the demand for organic pesticides is likely to increase. Crotonaldehyde is a bio-based pesticide with properties such as non-toxicity and eco-friendliness. This is a major factor projected to drive the demand for crotonaldehyde during the forecast period.

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 In terms of application, the crotonaldehyde market can be divided into fine chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and others (such as rubber processing and leather tanning). The pesticides segment is projected to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period. Crotonaldehyde pesticides help produce organic food. This, in turn, is expected to augment the market for crotonaldehyde during the forecast period. Crotonaldehyde is used as a precursor in organic synthesis. In the food industry, it is applied as a preservative and additive. In the polymer industry, crotonaldehyde is employed as a binding agent.

Global Crotonaldehyde Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of region, the global crotonaldehyde market can be segmented into Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is expected to be the leading region of the global crotonaldehyde market during the forecast period. Increase in population propels the demand for organic food in prominent countries in the region such as India and China. This is a key factor likely to drive the pesticides segment of the crotonaldehyde market in Asia Pacific during the forecast period.

After Asia Pacific, North America and Europe are likely to witness high demand for packaged foods in the near future, which would result in rise in the demand for preservatives such as sorbic acid in these regions. Crotonaldehyde is a key raw material used in the production of sorbic acid. The rising demand for sorbic acid is expected to promote growth of the global crotonaldehyde market during the forecast period.

Global Crotonaldehyde Market: Key Players

The global crotonaldehyde market is consolidated. A small number of companies operate at the global and regional levels. Major companies operating in the crotonaldehyde market are Celanese Corporation, Haihang Industry Co., Ltd., Alfa Aesar, Nantong Acetic Acid Chemical Co., Ltd., Godavari Biorefineries Ltd, Finetech Industry Limited, Alfa Aesar, Tokyo Chemical Industry, Ambinter, Celanese Corporation, Chemhere, Amadis Chemicals, MolCore, Haihang Industry Co., Ltd., and Vitas-M Laboratory.

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