AI Secures Better Diagnosis for Prostate Cancer Patients

A new Artificial Intelligent (AI) system reads prostate cancer scans as well as radiologists with over 10 years of experience. According a new study conducted by UCLA researchers, the system evaluates Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with 80.5% accuracy, compared to 83.9% accuracy of seasoned radiologists. So, yes the radiologists are still better at their job than their counterpart AI. However, there is a reason for all prostate cancer patients to

Biosynthetic Computer Finds its Way into Human Cells

Welcome to a world where a computer the size of a cell is made up of purely biological components! Yes, researchers at ETH Zurich have found a solution that helps combine engineered biological components into scalable circuits. Firstly, the new development comes under the area of synthetic biology. This branch of science is a branch of biological engineering, designing new biological parts, systems or devices for a purpose. With synthetic

Screen Time has little Impact on Teen Mental Health, says study

A new study published in Psychological Science annuls the widely accepted notion pertaining to screen time of young people. The study casts doubt on what is widely believed that screen time, especially before bedtime does damage to young people’s mental health. The study based on analysis of more than 17,000 teenagers, finds little evidence of screen time impacting mental health and well-being of adolescents. For the study part, researchers employed

New Research Promises to Take Pain out of Surgery

A New surgery method promises to take reshape living tissue without any incisions or scarring. This method is a type of ‘molecular’ surgery, which uses electric current, tiny needles, and 3D-printed molds. The recently discovered technique, brightens prospects for patients looking for replacements to laser eye surgery. The new technique was rigorously tested while shaping rabbit ears. The team inserted tiny needles electrodes into the ears. Subsequently, the ear cartilage

Need for Minimally Invasive Treatments to Usher in Booming Growth in the Ophthalmic Lasers Market

Ophthalmic lasers are medical devices allowing precise treatment of severe eye problems. They offer stimulated emission and essentially work on the principle of optical amplification. Ophthalmic lasers are increasingly used for the treatment of ocular diseases owing to its safety and precision requirements. The global ophthalmic lasers market is mainly driven by an increase in number of people suffering from diseases such as glaucoma and cataract. There have been significant

Rising Number of Cancer Cases Worldwide Fillips Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Market

Oncolytic virus immunotherapy represents a new area of cancer therapy. This oncology immunotherapy utilizes virus’s ability in selectively replicating and killing tumor tissue. They are the special types of viruses which favorably infect cancer cells. Oncolytic viruses are deployed as a part of cancer immunotherapy. Oncolytic virus immunotherapy also regulates the specific immune response of a cancer patient. The effectiveness of oncolytic virus immunotherapy was first detected in the treatment

Needle Destruction Devices Market - Rising Use of Needle Destructive Devices in Multiple End-Use Industries to Boost Market Performance

With the advancements taking place especially in the healthcare sectors, there is also high need for better disposal of used equipment such as needles, syringe, and other such equipment. Needles destructive devices are largely used for injecting medicines, fluids, and other liquid medicines to treat patients. It presence is widely seen in ambulatory surgical centers, hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and urgent care and long-term centers. Needles

Growing Incidence of Cardiovascular Disorder to Bolster Demand in Cardiac Holter Monitor Market

Starting with change is the only constant and invention is the mother of all innovation seems all true and practical these days. Lifestyle, preference, believes, and tastes all have changes as compared to things a decade back. But these changes have also got some degree of risk attached with it. Nowadays, individuals are more inclined towards unhealthy food, consumes excessive alcohol, and increased smoking habits has given birth to different

To Forget Something Requires More Brain Power than to Remember

When it comes to brain memory power, what seems obvious is reducing attention on unwanted information helps erase the same. Common sense says the same, redirecting attention from unwanted experiences or suppressing unwanted memory from reviving is the easy way to bury it deep inside the brain. The theory supported by brain research in this space. In this space, extended research by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin

Researchers Solve the Age Old Mystery of Immunity Status

Age is likely to become just a number in the near future. Scientists have discovered a way to identify the age of our immunity system. The research lays down foundation for uncovering the real immunity status of patients. The immune system is a complex network of various cells. It is critical for a healthy functioning body. Hence, the researching team has developed a metric known as IMM-AGE, which correctly categorizes