Can Technology Find Solution to Prevent Head Injury in Sports?

Michael Schumacher, seven times Formula 1 world champion and one of the greatest ever F1 driver, suffered a severe head injury. He was skiing at the Swiss Alps in 2013 and has never stood on his feet and is on treatment since. Head injuries have always been a part of sports. It is until recently that head injuries in such sports were not much talked about. But, times are changing

Research Explores Capabilities of 2D Materials to Change Technology

Two-dimensional materials have, for long, have fascinated scientists. Their elasticity, unique electronic properties, and flexibility have intrigued the scientific community. Besides, these 2D materials are thin as a single layer of an atom. Such materials were discovered in 2004 in Graphene. Almost 15 years later, researchers at the University of Rochester have developed a new technique to combine oxide and 2D materials. This combination makes use of transistor-scale device platforms.

Joseph Thomas Gives Thumbs Up to Technology, Banks, and Consumption

Joseph Thomas, head research at Emkay Wealth Management predicted that technology, banks, and consumption will offer bright prospects in the near future. He also said the safe range for Nifty is between 11,100 and 11,400. According to him, the move-up to general elections has generated some movement in the market, largely in indices. Joesph also said, he is witnessing transfers in ETFs and index funds. He also spoke positively about


A big threat comes to Apple while their exclusive technology is no longer safe with them. Reuters has found that software pirates are hijacking Apple’s technology for distributing hacked versions of their popular apps. Many illicit software distributors have discovered paths in using digital certificates for stepping into Apple’s world. Such certificates mainly act as doorway to Apple introduced program, only for the corporations distributing business apps among their employees.


Mostly, when businesses initially explore the potential of new technology, the tendency is to find how it fits in their current ecosystem. They often miss to understand its deep implications. If asked what businesses expect from new technology, faster horses they would say – which goes with the quote attributed to Henry Ford. Generally, as observed, businesses start using new technology to revamp processes that they do not need to.


“It’s just a touch away” – this phrase is soon going to become history. Yes, you heard it right! Development in technology is all set to evolve the way of communications. Here is how? – It’s a holiday. Penny wakes up to the vibration on her wrist. A swift shake and the smart watch stop buzzing. Groggy and droopy, Penny drag herself to the kitchen, and taps her finger in


Following France’s €50 million notice to Google, Sweden’s pulls up the technology giant for failing to comply with GDPR. As a result, Datainspektionen, Sweden’s data watchdog has sent a letter asking if its location privacy setting comply with GDPR. The action comes after a Swedish consumer rights organization found Google violating GDPR norms. US researchers found that Google does not stop collecting data even after turning off location settings. Therefore,

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely revolutionizing business processes and operations. With potential advancements in the technology, AI is only gaining more impetus day after another. Furthermore, predictions state that AI will be one of most popular buzz words in 2019. The surge in sales of smart speakers is a concrete sign of rapid growth for AI. Projections are that the sale of smart speaker will exceed 250 million units in


The island country of South-east Asia, Singapore is into news again, And this time it is not about the beautiful holiday packages that the country is providing but a technically different achievement. The latest achievement of Singapore is the practical application of drones in all sectors including food delivery to online packaging delivery. Seems like a dream for many countries until now. Singapore being the global hub fir education, finance,

Brain Has Two Clocks to Predict Future

A recent research study by New University of California, Berkeley shows that there are two different ways in which temporal predictions are made inside the human brain. Those depend on the different parts of the brain based on the immediate task. Thus the research shows that our timing is not a unified process. Be it in sports, music, or speech, there are two ways in which the human brain functions.