Google Assistant

In this technological era, people are highly depending on their smartphones to get most of the complex tasks done. To ease out such complexities, Google has launched Google Assistant – a feature that can assist people whenever needed. Moreover, Google Assistant is one’s personal Google, more precisely having a personal assistant. However throughout the years Google Assistant could not engage any specific space in smartphones, always lived under the home

Startup ChargedUp picks up Seed Funding to Expand Services in UK

With smartphones today a necessity for everyday functioning, dying battery problems especially when outdoors remains unaddressed. To make work-related calls, to stay connected with a nanny giving care to kids at home, and also to receive alerts for an ailing family member in the hospital, smartphones help to do it all irrespective of the location. However, dying phone battery, at a time, when the smartphone needs to be free of

Researchers Develop Paper Sensors to Detect Freshness of Milk

Recently, scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati created a simple paper kit to test the freshness of milk. The kit also provides information on how well the milk is pasteurized. A smartphone app can help process information from the paper sensors placed in the milk. Checking Milk Quality through Smartphones Milk is widely consumed across the globe and therefore its quality is of prime concern among the

Next Big Revolution in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The world is at the beginning of the digital revolution and the growth possibilities are endless. The analysts said that there are near about 4.9 billion connected devices and this number is likely to increase by four times during the next four to five years. Nearly 50 billion devices such as TV and smartphones will be connected by the end of 2020, said the report by the global research organization.

Smart Watch

New smart watch algorithms can help identify why you are sleeping poorly Smart watches have come a long way in recent years and can be made to do fascinating things. Equipped with algorithms that have potential to collect rich data from these wearable, these data can be utilized to obtain useful, practical recommendations. One such application can be identifying healthy sleep patterns in wearers. Enabled by algorithms, smart watches can

Acoustic-enabled Tech may impart Contextual Awareness to Smart Devices

Smart devices are profoundly interactive, with other devices and people, but do they possess ‘environmental awareness’? Not yet. Context-based awareness and computing is still an unexplored realm in smart device technology. But things may soon change, if recent works by a team of researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University are to be believed. Smart devices may pick up specific sound vibrations and map them to human activity; also, they can