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Google Assistant about to Occupy a Button in Smartphones

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In this technological era, people are highly depending on their smartphones to get most of the complex tasks done. To ease out such complexities, Google has launched Google Assistant – a feature that can assist people whenever needed. Moreover, Google Assistant is one’s personal Google, more precisely having a personal assistant.

However throughout the years Google Assistant could not engage any specific space in smartphones, always lived under the home button. To give Google Assistant a room, the tech giant has announced to launch smartphones with dedicated assistant buttons. Furthermore, Google confirmed the launch of Nokia, TCL, Xiaomi, and LG Phones with assistant buttons after following Samsung’s Bixby assistant.

The smartphones market is expecting the launch of new phones with assistant buttons in coming week. The most expected phones coming very soon are the Nokia 3.2 and 4.2, and the LG G8 ThinQ and K40. However other smartphone companies such as Xiaomi, TCL, and Vivo are also integrating the feature of a dedicated assistant button. Such rapid adoption helps Google to expect above 100 million of devices will incorporate this feature in the coming years.

Android Ecosystem is Building Assistant Buttons into Phones at a High rate

Along with the button, the company is now planning to build some new features fitting the Android OS. The company expects adding new features to smooth the process of bringing up assistant features, which were few taps away. However tapping the button for a single time will bring up the Assistant, instead of a long tap.

Google also ensures that a double tap on the button will activate Assistant’s visual snapshot feature, providing a contextual information. Whereas, a long press would initiate a “walkie talkie feature”, listening to longer queries, perfect for emailing or texting message.

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