Can Personalizing Packaging Improve Shopping Experience?


These days, individuals are looking for personalized touch in the products they buy. A personal connection with the brand r the product can elevate their shopping experience.

Thuy Ngo is a researcher at PreScouter, Chicago-based research intelligence company. Ngo explores and delves deep into the shopping trend of individuals and explores how various companies are taking advantage of technologies such as 3D printing, digital printing along with social media platforms to produce tailor-made packaging for customers as individuals.

A recent study by PreScoute analyzed a number of personalized packaging campaigns and profiled various companies. Most companies are paying attention to the diversity of the products, thus allowing clients to customize products.

Packaging Professionals Skeptical of Success due to High Cost of Packaging

The study made a detailed analysis of six personalized packaging campaigns conducted by renowned companies such as Kellogg’s, Ferrero SpA, and The Coco-Cola Company. Besides, the study has also profiled 10 other companies who offer customized and personalized packaging.

The Coca-Cola Company’s campaign “Share a Coke” first started in Australia in 2013, and it is still running. The campaign has successfully engaged with consumers directly in more than 100 nations around the world.

“Colorfilled” initiative by OREO started in November 2015. Using a mobile or a desktop platform, customers selected a black and white design that custom colored with markers or colored online. Those markers were home delivered.

Another brand Nutella, sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread, launched its campaign “Unica” in February, 2017. “Unica” means unique and the campaign heavily dependent on the brand’s extremely familiar lettering, which meant other components of the packaging design could be changed. Nutella exclusively ran “Unica” for Italy.

However, consumers presume high cost for personalized packaging. As a result. packaging professionals are doubtful about consumers’ interest to pay extra for tailor-made content.

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