Rohit Bhisey


Facebook plans to invest US$ 300 million in the next three years to increase its focus on local news. The idea will boost journalism, especially in Western nations where the industry is facing crisis. The move comes after Facebook had announced in early 2018 to de-emphasize news stories and videos, prioritizing posts from friends. Facebook will Partner with Reputed News Publications To test the interest levels among users for local


Recently, researchers from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have found unusual qualities in the light. These activities could lead to an entirely new way of electronic devices and applications. Light plays a vital role in computing and telecommunication. Light has also facilitated a vast scope of telephone calls and internet connections through the optic fiber. Optical Ring Resonators Primarily Used To Control Light According to the Physical Review Letters, researchers


Constant conflicts between Google and European countries have been common issues over the past few years. The issues could recur over the next coming years. The ‘right to be forgotten’ is a key area, where Google makes significant efforts to limit search results. One of the senior advisors of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) braced Google’s legal battle. Through legal proceedings, the limits for the above-mentioned right witnessed examination


As per a new research, mosquito-borne virus causing Rift Valley fever can have highly damaging effects on human fetuses. This can happen if the pregnant women by any chance contract the virus. The group of researchers, who made the discovery, carried out their experiments using infected rats and human fetal tissues. Those helped them uncover how the virus affects the placenta. And it turned out that those were even more


The scientists from Washington State University have created a robot for helping elderly people with dementia and other limitations. This elder care robot helps old people to live independently in their own houses. RAS, the Robot Activity Support System uses WSU smart home embedded with sensors in order to detect its resident’s position. These sensors also help the robot in determining the resident’s daily activities and the timings they need


For treating cancer, the deadly disease, several treatments come in the way such as chemotherapy, radiation, and now immunotherapy. Checkpoint inhibitors, a class of cancer immunotherapy agents, mostly antibodies, revive immune cell activities to suppress the cancer cells. Recently, scientists are not focusing on boosting the immune cells through vastly available “small molecules”. However, they are aiming at finding a platform to screen thousands of drugs to sort this fatal


As per a new finding, applying artificial intelligence (AI) to electrocardiogram could be revolutionary. It could serve to be a timely precursor to detect a heart attack. The accuracy of artificial intelligence incorporated electrocardiogram (ECG) endorses its use. It is favorably comparable to other common screening tests such as mammography for breast cancer. Mayo Clinic Researchers say that asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction is characteristic of a weak heart pump. It


Vietnam launched a set of strict cyber-security laws at the start of the year. However, Facebook disregarded the laws imposed by the Southeast Asian nation. As a result, Vietnam wants to bring Facebook under legal scrutiny for violating its laws. Vietnam News, a state-controlled media platform, recently revealed Facebook’s breach of Vietnamese cyber laws. Facebook witnessed accusations of allowing users to post anti-government and defamatory content. A report published by


Amazon has never held back from going an extra mile in promoting its products and offerings. This was more than apparent after Amazon launched its voice assistant ‘Alexa.’ And now the company has taken yet another step in popularising ‘Alexa’ by partnering with Telenav. The latter is a renowned vendor in the domain of location-based and connected-car services. As per the deal, Telenav will incorporate ‘Alexa’ voice assistants in its


The Kaiser Permanente study suggests that hospitalized patients treated with flu vaccine are at low risk of hospital readmission. The Mayo Clinic Proceedings published the study. It also suggests that vaccinating hospitalized patients were not on risk of assessments for infection. The study suggested that the patients who did not vaccinate during their hospital admission remained unvaccinated during flu season. Sara Y. Tartof, one of the authors of studies commented