Kaolin Market to be Driven by Growing Construction Activities, to Reach US$5.3 bn by 2019

Growth in Construction Industry Driving Kaolin Market
The thriving end use industries such as construction, paints and adhesives, ceramics, and paper will boost the growth of the global kaolin market in the years to come. With enhanced opacity, non-abrasive texture, chemical inertness, and flat particle shape making it ideal for various applications, the demand for kaolin will also increase from the paints and adhesives as well as the ceramic industry. According to a recent report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR), global kaolin market will be worth US$5.3 bn by 2019.
Q. What are the various factors which are anticipated to drive the demand for kaolin in the years to come?
The thermal stability of metakaolin is boosting its usage in various applications such as mortar and concrete. This is expected in turn to drive the global kaolin market. The use of metkaolin in cement results in reduced carbon dioxide emissions in the environment. This makes it an eco-friendly alternative, pushing the demand further and earning the support from various regulatory bodies. Kaolin is widely in demand from the construction industry. The growth in infrastructure and construction activities will create a high demand for ceramics. Ceramics makes use of large quantities of kaolin to enhance their characteristics and are thus used for tiles and sanitary ware.

Q. Which region is estimated to be the most lucrative regional segment in the global kaolin market?
Asia Pacific is expected to be the most lucrative regional segment at present and in the years to come on account of the rapid growth in the construction industry in emerging economies such as India, Japan, and China. One of the chief factors boosting the growth of this market includes the changing dynamics of consumer lifestyle. The lifestyle of consumers is improving on account of the improvement in the disposable income of the people in Asia Pacific. This in turn results in the growth of the end user industries such as automotive or construction, and thus the global kaolin market in Asia Pacific will witness a growth in the years to come.
Q. What are the opportunities, which will have the potential of driving the growth prospects of the global kaolin market?
The growing use of kaolin in paper surface is expected to drive the growth prospects of the kaolin market in the future. Kaolin has the ability to improve smoothness, brightness, paint absorbency, and gloss of the paper surface and this will drive the growth prospects of the global kaolin market worldwide. Moreover, the acceleration of hydration by metakaolincan and its extensive use for aiding higher resistance to efflorescence will drive the market’s growth prospects in the coming years.
Improving infrastructure in developing countries including China and India on account of rising government spending will propel kaolin industry growth.

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