Optimization and Low Cost to Propel Deployment of Converged Infrastructure Worldwide

Converged infrastructure runs by amalgamating multiple components of information technology (IT) into individual and optimized packages of computing. The several components of a converged infrastructure includes software, network equipment, data storage devices, and services for orchestration, automation, and the management of IT infrastructure. IT institutions employ converged infrastructure for centralizing the management and administration of IT resources, to lower their costs, enhance the rates of resource utilization, and consolidate systems. Converge infrastructures nurture these aims by employing pools of networking resources, storage, and computers that can be shared by several applications and be managed in a more collaborative manner using procedures which are policy driven. Several terms are used for describing this concept by the IT industry such as dynamic infrastructure, fabric-based computing, unified computing, and converged system.
The global market for converged infrastructure is expected to expand at an outstanding 22.4% CAGR from 2017 to 2025. The market was estimated to be US$11.78 bn in 2016 and is likely to touch US$76.26 bn by 2025.
How the shifting focus on cloud based data is centers a beneficial trend for this market?
The global market for converged infrastructure is expected to exhibit strong growth in the coming years owing to the growing investment by several organizations and business bodies in this IT based technology. The resources of converged infrastructure are holistically managed. The demand for it is expected to stay consistent over the years ahead owing to single point storage. The mounting trend among institutions to adopt solutions that will offer better simplicity, agility, scale, and security is expected to have a strong influence on the market.
 Furthermore, rising penetration of data centers which are cloud based with companies shifting their financial systems to cloud based systems is a trend that will have a major positive outlook on the market and supplement it growth as well. To capitalize this, many leading companies are entering the market. For instance, NetApp recently announced its entrance in the global convergence infrastructure market.

Which region should be the focal point for vendors?
The growing demand for converged infrastructure from different industries in the Asia Pacific region is expected to keep the region in the forefront in the global converged infrastructure market. The proliferating IT industry in India, Indonesia, and Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and China has fuelled the demand for this technology in Asia Pacific. The use of this technology is in the IT, telecommunication, and manufacturing industry is further a promising factor for the growth of the market in this region.
What are the hindrances that are likely to arise on the way of the market’s growth?

In spite of swift growth, the market is expected to witness a hurdle in the growth path owing to the high cost of these systems and a drastic downfall in the budgets of the IT sector across the globe. The entire IT industry is facing threats from budgetary pressure and thus this has led to cost saving techniques and postponing of new projects, 

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