Adoption of Antimicrobial Nanocoatings Market in Defense Sector Keeps North America in the Lead

The antimicrobial nanocoatings market has been witnessing stupendous growth rate in world economy as awareness about preventive healthcare continues to be on the rise. The dynamic growth of this market will be attributable to the well-known advantages of nanotechnology and its subsequently growing applications in various industrial verticals. As the modern world braces itself to combat emergence of lethal diseases and disorders, it is seen to be in support of antimicrobial nanocoatings that can deliver incredible benefits, superior properties, and convenient usage.
Q. What are the key advantages of antimicrobial nanocoatings that are likely to drive the global market?
Antimicrobial nanocoatings have been extensively used by the U.S. Navy to prevent the growth of marine slime and algae. Thus, they are mixed with paints and applied on vessels. The demand for antimicrobial nanocoatings is also poised to rise in sectors such as consumer electronic devices and healthcare. The nano layer coatings are made up of layers upon layers of nano-scale antimicrobial coatings, which are known to combat antibiotic-resistant strains of various microbial pathogens. The booming automotive industry and the constant upgrades in the medical industry are expected to play an instrumental role in the development of the global antimicrobial nanocoatings market.

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Q. What are some of the prominent opportunities for the global antimicrobial nanocoatings market?
On the flip side, the global market is being stymied by the growing concerns about the environment and health due to the usage of nanocoatings. However, the market is expected to spring back from this setback as the demand for smart coatings has been fairly consistent in the automotive and electronics industry. The market is also expected to witness soaring uptake of antimicrobial nanocoatings in the cosmetics industry. These coatings are used in the cosmetics industry as functional, decorative, and temporary coatings.

Q. Which region is slated to lead the global market over the forecast period?
From a geographic point of view, North America is poised to dominate the global market in the coming years as the growth of the medical and healthcare industry is expected to show a consistent demand for antimicrobial nanocoatings. Furthermore, the high adoption of these coatings in the defense sector of the U.S. has also benefited the region in the past few years. Europe has followed North America’s lead closely as the electrical and automotive industry in this region has forever seek innovative materials to improve their products.

Analysts expect that the demand for antimicrobial nanocoatings in the food packaging industry is likely to create new opportunities for the global market in the coming years. The start of 2017 saw The European Union (EU) has award EUR7.7 million to international NanoPack consortium to develop a solution for improving shelf life of food by using unique antimicrobial surfaces. The three-year project will see NanoPack research on factors such as technological, scientific, safety, economic, and regulatory challenges of designing and commercialization of these materials.

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