Steady Demand from Key End-use Industries Boosts Growth of Global Sodium Acetate Market

Sodium acetate is a common chemical that finds a variety of uses in a number of industries, including textile, food, pharmaceuticals, beauty, and healthcare. A derivative of sodium from acetic acid, sodium acetate is an inexpensive chemical that is available in powder (sodium acetate anhydrous) as well as in crystal (sodium acetate trihydrate) form. Sodium acetate is commonly available in technical and pharmaceutical grades for specific applications in these fields.
Market analysts report that the global market for sodium acetate (anhydrous and trihydrate) treads along a moderately healthy growth path owing to steady demand from key end-use industries. A report published by Transparency Market Research states that the market for sodium acetate trihydrate, which valued US$35.27 million in 2013, will develop at a 4.4% CAGR over the period 2014-20. As a result, the market will grow to US$47.64 million by 2020. The same report also states that the market for sodium acetate anhydrous will expand at a slightly higher pace, at a 5.2% CAGR over 2014-20, and grow from a valuation of US$42.93 million in 2013 to US$61.17 million by 2020.
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Diverse Applications of Sodium Acetate Lead to Uninterrupted Demand Rise
Given below is a brief account of some of the key applications of sodium acetate. These applications help the market circumvent the obstacles presented by cheap alternatives ahead of its growth:
  • Textile: The textile industry generates the majority of demand for sodium acetate, with nearly 35% of the overall market in terms of volume in the year 2013.Sodium acetate is used in the textile industry for removing calcium salts from the fabric, which extends the life of the finished textile. 
  • Medicine: In medicine, the fields of intravenous fluids and drug formulations call for the use of sodium acetate. Sodium acetate is used as a form of intravenous sodium in cases when conditions of low blood sodium, such as hyponatremia, need to be managed. Certain combinations used during kidney dialysis also require sodium acetate.
  • Food Processing and Preservation: Sodium acetate is used in the food industry to improve the flavor of a variety of products such as poultry and meat. It also acts as an excellent preservative and for regulating the pH levels of a variety of food products. 
  • Industrial Purposes: Sodium acetate finds increasing use in industrial processes such as neutralizing the extremely strong sulfuric acid found in waste streams, removing impurities, rust, stains or scale from metallic surfaces, curing chloroprene, and the tanning of leather.
  • Laboratory: Sodium acetate is used a common reagent in biochemistry and molecular biology labs.
  • Beauty care: In the healthcare and beauty care industries, sodium acetate is highly valued due to its excellent buffering and neutralizing properties. It is used for making a variety of concoctions, soaps, and cosmetic products.

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The use of sodium acetate in a variety of applications is challenged by the affordable and easy availability of substitutes such as calcium sorbate, sodium citrate, and benzoic acid. Nevertheless, the many benefits of calcium acetate to the food industry, such as no known adverse effects when used as an additive and its capability of reducing the risk of hangover when added to alcoholic products, will continue to keep the demand favorable on a global front for many years to come.

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