European Industries March on, Taking the Europe Industrial Protective Footwear Market with Them

The Europe industrial protective footwear market is growing at a CAGR of 2.1% within the period of 2014 to 2020. The market’s value in 2013 was US$2.24 billion. By the end of 2020, if the current rate of growth stays true, the market will be worth US$2.59 billion.
Safety is the highest priority in any industrial work environment. When a company has its employees constantly exposed to physical dangers, it is their responsibility to prepare and educate its employees on preventing accidents. Mandating industrial protective footwear is one of the first steps a company can take in ensuring employee safety.
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Safety Regulations Driving Global Industrial Protective Footwear Market
As reported by the National Safety Council of the U.S., three out of four workers injured in industrial work are not aware of, or do not wear, the proper type of protective footwear. OSHA has created a requirement for all employers to ensure the safety of their employees by providing suitable protective footwear.
There are multiple instances in any industrial sector where the feet of an industrial worker are at risk. The risk could emanate from any falling or rolling object, or handling objects that could seriously injure a worker when handling them. Most instances of foot-related injuries can be easily avoided by the use of a steel-toe boot. Thicker, reinforced soles can help a worker move in places that pose a risk of electrocution or slippage in fluids.
With all the regulations in place, it is only logical to see the Europe industrial protective footwear market grow when its application industries grow. These application industries range from manufacturing, chemicals, pharma, construction, oil and gas, food, and transport. Each segment has a specific set of footwear that needs to be used by workers in order to ensure the safety of their most vital body part in terms of mobility.
What Propels the Europe Industrial Protective Footwear Market 
We now understand the two most critical factors that are boosting the growth of the Europe industrial protective footwear market. The only factor that remains is the awareness levels that workers actually possess in order to make use of the safety regulations created for them. Even being style-conscious is no longer a concern, as more and more companies are coming up with industrial-grade protective boots that not only protect a worker’s feet, but also make them look keenly dressed. Of the diverse national segments in the Europe industrial protective footwear market, Italy was the dominant one for 2013 as far as exports are concerned.
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Another boon for the Europe industrial protective footwear market is the diversity of application sectors, ranging from small-scale manufacturing and government utilities to agriculture.
With an overall rise in construction activity in the U.K. and a booming automobile manufacturing industry in Germany, one can see the need for industrial protective footwear market. The oil and gas as well as renewable energy sectors have also been on the rise in recent years, further creating a bigger demand for protective footwear.

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