Medical Polymers Market to Grow owing to Suppliers Expanding Product Lines Expeditiously

Polymers have achieved a lot of traction in the medical industry in recent years due to their favorable properties. Owing to the fact that the medical polymer market is predicted to experience sustained growth, prime polymer manufacturers have shown an interest in establishing themselves as medical polymer manufacturers. 
Medical polymers are broadly utilized in three key domains, namely devices and implants, diagnostic systems, and hospital accessories, namely microbiological, pathological, clinical labware, and surgical. Each of these applications will see immense growth on the basis of volume and size due to the fact that people all over the world want and increasingly can afford advanced medical treatments. TMR, a market intelligence company, highlights the key innovations and developments of the key manufacturers operating in the medical polymers market and states how this market is developing exponentially.
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  • Royal DSM: DSM is a multinational organization active primarily in nutrition, health, and materials. DSM has been delivering unique solutions that protect, nourish, and enhance the performance of global markets such as personal care, food and dietary supplements, feed, automotive, medical devices, electronics and electrical, biobased materials, and paints. In June 2012, DSM invested $360 million for purchasing Kensey Nash, an Exton Pa-based manufacturer of materials including hernia tissue repair patches and resorbable collagen-based vascular closure. In 2009, DSM had deployed a biomedical business that was based on the high-molecular polyethylene fiber, Dyneema, utilized in medical sutures. DSM expects that its biobased chemicals and medical polymer and fuel businesses will result in combined sales of around $1 billion till 2020.

  • Evonik Industries AG: Evonik is amongst the world’s top specialty chemicals companies. The main focus of the company is nutrition, health, globalization, and resource efficiency. Evonik widened its interest in medical polymers in 2011. At the start of 2011, Evonik took over Boehringer Ingelheim’s line of glycolic acid biodegradable polymers and lactic acid utilized for making surgical nails, plates, and screws. This acquisition added to their portfolio of resins utilized for medical purposes. These resins included ether ketone (PEEK) in orthopedic implants, methacrylic polymers utilized in contact lenses, and nylons for catheters. This company is additionally beefing up research and development channels in polymers for medical utilization along with biomaterials made to assist in repairing soft tissue, bones, and skin.

  • Biomimedica: This company is based in South San Francisco and is a medical device company involved in the pioneering of new approaches for joint repair via its proprietary technology for synthetic cartilage. Biomimedica is also involved in earlier intervention solutions for the treatment of osteoarthritis that allows patients to maintain an active and pain-free lifestyle. Biomimedica has also developed a reparative polymer and has made a polyurethane composite that impersonates human cartilage.
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Some other prime manufacturers operating in the global market for medical polymers are Celanese Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company, Victrex plc, and Formosa Plastics Corporation USA.

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