Global Cancer Diagnostics Market: Increasing Awareness about Early Diagnosis to Fuel Innovation in the Market

Worldwide, the prevalence of cancer is rising. According to the WHO, the number of new cancer cases is projected to grow by approximately 70% in the coming two decades. Several government and non-government organizations around the world are spreading awareness about cancer prevention and cure. The WHO says that at least one-third of cancer cases can be prevented. Prevention is the most effective long-term strategy that can help control cancer.
The increasing awareness about cancer prevention and control is expected to drive the overall global cancer diagnostics market. Cancer diagnostics serves many benefits. Here are some facts that emphasize the importance of early diagnosis of cancer.
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  • Cancer, when diagnosed before it has become too big or metastasized, can most likely be treated successfully. Treatment becomes more difficult if the cancer has spread.
  • Cancer is one of the most common cancers among American women, says According to Cancer Research UK, over 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer during the early stage survive for at least 5 years as compared to approximately 15% of women that are diagnosed with the condition during the most advanced stage.
  • Cancer Research UK further states that around 70% of lung cancer cases can survive for at least one year if diagnosed during the early stage as compared to 15% for people diagnosed with the condition during the most advanced stage.

Rising Awareness about Early Diagnosis of Cancer will Fuel R&D
This rising awareness about early cancer diagnosis is driving innovation among market players. Players in the global cancer diagnostics market are involved in research and development programs that are focused on introducing noninvasive and safe cancer screening methods. Several universities, organizations, and independent researchers are involved in developing these innovative early cancer detection tests in the global cancer diagnostics market.
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  • At the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, scientists and surgeons have developed a pioneering approach for esophageal cancer patients. This approach helps identify and remove the affected cells in an early treatment method.
  • Clinical trials are going on in the global cancer diagnostics market to confirm the validity of a breath test that can help detect cancer among other ailments such as ulcers.
  • In Switzerland, scientists have developed a simple cancer detection method. In this method, a drop of the patient’s blood is used to check if the antibodies trap the blood-borne proteins that are exaggerated in patients of cancer.
  • Another technology in the global cancer diagnostics market uses nanoscale photonics to help detect cancer. This technology uses Super Dots, which have the capability to fish out a diseased cell from several million in a urine or blood sample. This technology offers a noninvasive and accurate early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Due to the rising awareness about how early cancer diagnosis can help increase the survival rate of a patient, many local health agencies have opened centers that provide information about cancer screening. The rising number of early detection programs will further help expand the global cancer diagnostics market.

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