Europe Textile Chemicals Market: EU Ban on NPE and its Impact on the Industry

The demand for environment-friendly products is high in Europe. This trend is shaping the development of several industries in the European market. One of the industries greatly impacted by this demand is the European textile chemicals market. The European market for textile chemicals is expected to go through a dynamic shift after the recent ban on NPE by the EU was announced.
Top Trend in the Europe Textile Chemicals Market: Ban on NPE
Recently, EU member states agreed on banning the toxic substance NPE, which is widely found in clothing, as this substance poses a high risk to the environment. The countries unanimously voted towards extending the restrictions to imports of clothing and related textile products that contain nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE). This proposal was presented by Sweden in 2013. It was backed by scientists from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).
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Washing NPE-containing apparel releases residue levels of this substance into the sewage systems, which then enters water bodies. NPE degrades into nonylphenol (NP) and other substances. NP accumulates in the bodies of fish and tends to harm their fertility, growth, and sexual development. 
In the textile industry, NPE is used in the manufacturing process as a cleaning, dyeing, and rinsing agent. According to a 2011 study from Greenpeace, NPE was found in two-thirds of clothes that were tested. The clothing items belonged to some big-name brands such as H&M, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste.
Impact of the Ban on the Global Textile Chemicals Industry
After the adoption of this ban, manufacturing countries that rely heavily on this trade relationship with Europe, such as China, will be greatly affected. Europe has been China’s number one trade partner for more than 10 years and the production of textiles in China relies heavily on the continuation of this relationship. Hence, the Chinese textile chemicals industry will adopt manufacturing processes that avoid using harmful textile chemicals such as NPE, or risk losing a key market.
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A recent study found hazardous chemicals in wastewater discharge samples from two textile processing facilities in China, the Well Dyeing Factory Limited and the Youngor Textile City Complex.
Due to the ban on NPE, many big brands such as Nike, Gap, and Diesel have been asked by thousands of supporters to clean up their supply chain. This ban now needs to be adopted by the European Commission, which should occur in the coming month or so. Once this ban is implemented it will take effect within five years. This will give the fashion industry enough time to remove NPE from its supply chain.
Furthermore, the demand for geotextiles, which was observing gradual growth, is expected to receive a big push. The ban on NPE is also expected to drive the demand for biobased alternatives in the European textile chemicals market. The rising demand for biobased textile chemicals is projected to hamper the textile chemicals market.

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