Engineers in the Global Metamaterials Technologies Market to Soon Introduce New and Improved Invisibility Cloak

Metamaterials are revolutionary materials made using substances not found in nature. A metamaterial will have assemblies of multiple elements, fashioned using conventional materials such as plastics or metals. Metamaterials find their application in diverse fields such as aerospace, wireless technology, sensing technology, battlefield communication, infrastructure monitoring, and smart solar power management.
Currently, scientists are experimenting with metamaterials to develop some ground-breaking technologies. One such technology is the invisibility cloak. According to a market research agency, Transparency Market Research (TMR), there exists high potential to develop invisibility cloak technology.
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Things that make their wearer invisible have been portrayed in fiction since long. Consider, for example, the ring in the Lord of the Rings or the invisibility cloak in the Harry Potter movies. Even real-life scientists have been trying to make things invisible for many years. Unfortunately, such attempts have resulted in clunky objects that were not practical for use. On 15th July 2015, scientists unveiled the latest technology in invisibility cloaks. This innovation is a super-thin sheet composed of metamaterials and is expected to work better than any of the previously attempted invisibility technologies. So, what is this invisibility cloak and what is the technology used behind it?
It’s not Death handing over its Invisibility Cloak, but the University of California
According to the ‘Tale of the Three Brothers’ in the Harry Potter movie, the youngest Peverell brother received an Invisibility Cloak from Death. However, it is not Death, but a team of electrical engineers based at the University of California in San Diego that have created this cloak. This design is a thin sheet of Teflon embedded with tiny, cylindrical ceramic particles. Each ceramic particle is of a different height. This new design is expected to surpass the current limitations of invisibility cloaks. In the past, several invisibility cloak prototypes have been developed by scientists. However, these prototypes were bulky and ended up absorbing excessive light.
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The cloak does not use magic, but metamaterials
The design for this invisibility cloak is based on dielectric materials, which do not absorb light. The cloak alters the way electromagnetic waves are scattered, which makes the object less detectable by wave frequencies such as radar and light. The cloak’s design also tends to reduce the shadow of an object, which makes it superior to its predecessors.
This design has high potential as it has more commercial prospects than just making things invisible. In the foreseeable future, this technology will find application right from the optics sector to the interior design sector.
The global metamaterials technology market is highly fragmented in nature, as startup metamaterials companies based in North America are dominating the market. Some of the key players in the global metamaterials technology market are Evolv Technology, Kymeta Corporation, Metamagnetics, Metamaterial Technologies Inc., Echodyne Corporation, Applied Em, Medical Wireless Sensing, Alight Technologies, Applied EM, and Fractal Antenna Systems. Players in the global metamaterials technologies market are expected to benefit greatly from the launch of the invisibility cloak. 

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