By 2016, All Pharma Companies in Belarus to be Certified for GMP Standards Compliance

Before 2016 ends, all pharmaceutical companies in Belarus will be certified for conformity to GMP standards, the Belarusian Healthcare Ministry’s deputy director, Viktor Shein, will be ensuring. According to a source believed to be close to this development, all manufacturing facilities will most likely be certified for adherence to GMP standards in 2015, and by the end of 2016, every single pharmaceutical enterprise in Belarus will be certified. The official said that the country is looking to expand its existing network of dealerships in other countries so as to attain more diversity in its target markets.
Once they are certified for due compliance with GMP standards, pharmaceutical enterprises in Belarus will be able to sell their approved products in markets where they were hitherto not able to access. The official said that Belarus was currently exporting pharmaceutical products to countries such as Vietnam and Mongolia. On receiving a boost from the GMP certification, the country hopes to dominate these markets and actively participate in the tendering process as well. This initiative is being taken because the country considers exports to be a profitable endeavor on the whole.
In the meanwhile, Victor Shein said recently that during his visit to Russia in the past few weeks, he learned from officials at the Healthcare Ministry that Belarusian enterprises will be able to register prices for their drugs on the existing list of essential medications. When this step is achieved, the country expects a big boost to its ability to compete and to its profitability as well.
Market estimates show that in 2015, medications made in Belarus are expected to attain a 50% market share in money terms. And, the country has more ambitious export plans.

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