Defense Contractor Telephonics to Axe 100 Jobs

Nearly 100 part-time, full-time, and temporary employees of Telephonics Corp, a U.S.-based defense contractor will be facing the axe. The company recently said that it will be cutting at least 100 jobs. Nearly one-third of the employees being made redundant will be via voluntary retirement buyouts, said officials of the company.
About 35 employees, aged 65 years or older, reported took the voluntary retirement packages, informed the CEO and president of the company, Joseph Battaglia. The Farmingdale-headquartered company specializes in the manufacture of telecommunications systems and radar systems.

According to sources, many of the employees being relieved of their jobs were computer professionals. These employees had been hired to oversee the installation of new ERP – a project that was completed earlier in 2014. The other employees that will be losing their jobs are part-time workers as well as temporary ones.

According to Battaglia, the company decided to effect these job cuts in a bid to streamline activities, and get maximum revenue from existing operations. The company, that primarily does business in the defense industry, is apparently affected by the budgetary constraints that have been seen in the Department of Defense in the recent past.

Many of the job cuts were initiated in September 2014. As a result of these measures, the company’s total employee strength now stands at about 1,200. Most of its employees are now located at its Farmingdale headquarters on Long Island, and its Huntington-based manufacturing facilities.

The company also has about 80 employees at its location in Maryland as well as six working in North Carolina.

None of the engineering jobs in the company were affected because of these latest job cuts, the company’s CEO said.

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