China detains five in the stale meat probe

The Chinese police have detained five people in the ongoing investigations about supply of outdated meat to fast food chains across China.

The detention comes after Shanghai Husi Food was put under scanner by the regulators for selling expired meat to fast food giants like KFC and McDonald’s.

These allegations against the supplier were seconded by new programs too. However, police have provided no further comment on this issue.

Manager of Husi’s quality department, Zhang Hui, stated that this kind of meat was produced with the “tacit” approval of some of the senior managers.

Both the fast food chains in question have stopped using this meat ever since the issue was brought to light.
This scandal has become a new setback for Yum brands, which was already trying to rebuild its image in China. Yum suffered a massive blow in 2012 when two of its meat suppliers were providing meat heavily laced with antibiotics.

Yum was just making a recovery in the first quarter of this year with a 9% rise in sale at its China outlets. The KFC sales also rose by 11% in the same quarter.

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